After taking Partizan coaching post early in the season, Zoran Mirkovic now has an opportunity to work with his charges over the winter preps period and get them ready for the season`s restart. He spoke to journalists in Belek preps camp after three days worth of training and ahead of number of friendlies:

− As for the system, with new signings in we now have option number two, one we demonstrated in the second part of half-season – diamond formation with two forwards. When we have more attacking players to pick from, we can probably make some changes in the game system.

Do you expect more competition to bring changes in the dressing room too?

– It`s peace and quiet in our dressing room, that`s what matters now.

Partizan signed three new players over winter transfer window. Do you expect any more newcomers, including Tokmac Nguen?

− Moussa signed first, he`s a very penetrating type of player and I believe he`ll be quite useful for this team. We know all about Georgijevic and we expect young Bosic to join us on Monday. As for Nguen – anyone who scores 15 goals and assists over the half-season is more than welcome.

Moussa Njie is the most intriguing new signing. What are your early impressions of this Norwegian winger?

– Excellent dribbler, fast player and you`ll all get to see it for yourselves soon. He needs to work on his finishing, Moussa is more of an assist man now.

Some expected Partizan to add competition to team`s defensive lines but you signed attacking-oriented players so far only.

– At the moment, we are in greater need of players who can score goals, not defenders. We actually had no problems with defensive lines so far.

Five Partizan academy graduates are with the squad in Belek preps camp.

– They are all competing to be part of the team. Markovic, Djerlek and Sehovic are with us  for some time now while Pavlovic and Stevanovic joined the squad to stay, They are all young but matured enough to be where they are.

How are you going to deal with a restricted number of foreign players rule?

– We`ll have to wait and see, transfer window is still open. I don`t know what`s is going to happen in that department by the end of the transfer window, but we`ll have to deal with it eventually.

You are trailing 15 points behind standings leader. Does that create additional pressure or players have no burden?

– It doesn`t make it easier or harder. We have to try and show what we are made of.

Not the best of weather conditions greeted Partizan squad here. First day of preps was all about rain, wind and hailstorm even.

– Early winter preps back home were fine, we only had minor injuries and we had to cancel one friendly due to snowy conditions. We thought we`ll escape such conditions here but we were greeted by quite a storm. I haven`t seen such a hailstorm in my life and I`m 47 years old. We expect more stable weather conditions from Monday on. Most importantly, we have no injured players. Ricardo has a bit of adductor pain but he works individually in the gym and seems better.

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