Partizan Head Coach Zoran Mirkovic resigned after Vozdovac defeat and this is his announcement following the resignation:

I would like to send out this public announcement and dismiss any doubts and uncertainty regarding my coaching post at Partizan. I resigned due to unacceptable situation my club found itself in. I have every right to judge on that as I`ve been loyal Partizan player and devoted coach during my 25-year football career so far.

My resignation is not my personal moral act. I did everything to the best of my abilities and how I sincerely thought it should be done. My upbringing and my manners as a human and athlete taught me to be honest and brave, both as a player and as a coach. Of course, I had my mistakes and I`m always ready to take the responsibility and to have my work thoroughly analysed. I carry my burden on my own and it would be fair if everyone would do so.

That would make things easier for Partizan!

I apologize to everyone who believed this parting could have been different. It might have been, but this is final decision of a person who infinitely attached to Partizan. Therefore, I plead with all true Partizan fans to accept and respect my decision.

Finally, I strongly applaud all my players and coaching associates personally. We were always a true group with team spirit and under extremely difficult circumstances only known to us. We were always together, sharing big team`s destiny and that`s the strongest impression I have regarding my time as Partizan coach. Result-wise, we must admit we were not at our best and everyone who knows how today`s football order works should be able to fully understand what I`m talking about. I wish all those players and associates all the best in their future careers.

It`s time for me to stop now for a bit, for myself and for Partizan. There`ll never be any barriers between myself and Partizan. I`m sad that my departure is not solving club`s problems but I`ll be happiest person around if my departure turns out to be turning point towards new decisions, new circumstances, new people and new times worthy of Partizan glory, a championship glory I remember this club for from my playing days.

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