Young Partizan centre-back Mihajlo Ilic told Partizan website how he was spotted at one of the Partizan youth camps to kickstart his career. 18-year old also spoke about support he gets from boss Stanojevic and his Partizan teammates.

„First team training helps me to improve in certain areas. I`m training with more experienced players now, I made my first team debut and got to feel how it is to sit on first team bench. Matches and training sessions with Partizan youths are helpful too, whenever I`m not with the first team and those games mean a lot to me“, said Mihajlo Ilic.

Boss Stanojevic demands full dedication from you in both youth and senior selections.

„Boss and first team players watch all our youth games and that`s my chance to prove myself and perform well“.

Latest Partizan Zlatibor summer youth camp will kick-off on 26th of June this year. Not everyone believes true talent can be spotted there. Actually, you are one of the attendees who moved to Partizan youths after taking part in 2014 and 2016 camps.

„I took part in Zlatibor 2014 under coach Bojan Zavisic but i was too young back then. I did Brzece Kopaonik camp in 2016 and was lucky to work with coach Zoran Kraljevic who invited me to have a trial with the club. I had trial few days after the camp ended, did good and I`m Partizan ever since“, said young Partizan centre-back.

When you arrived to the camp, did you hope for a football career or you just came down to have a bit of fun?

„I signed up to get Partizan equipment, it was a truly great honour for me. I`m a lifelong Partizan fan and i went to the camp to test myself against other kids coming from various youth football schools. I didn`t expect to get a result but I was lucky that coach Kraljevic was there“.

What would you say to the kids planning to sign-up for this year`s camp?

„Everyone should feel the mood of this camp,  all the nice companionships and interesting activities. As far as I can remember, besides playing footie, we engaged in interesting mind games and activities, it was a wondeful experience“.

Do you like reading books? How`s the school going?

„I love reading. I used to go to school full-time but I`m part-time now due to all the training and other duties i have with the club. But, I still read books and do my studies“, said Mihajlo Ilic.

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