Match protocol

UEFA Europa Conference League play-off stage, return leg

Valetta (MLT), August 25

Venue: Ta` Qali Stadium

Kick-off time: 8pm CET

Referee: Jakob Kehlet (DEN)

Yellow cards: Sowe, Nedeljkovic, Callegari (HAM) – Zivkovic, Belic, Natcho (PAR)

GOALS: 1-0 `27 Prsa, 1-1 `34 Ricardo, `72 1-2 Urosevic, `78 1-3, Ricardo, `82 2-3, Vicinus (p), 3-3 `90+1 Fedele (p)



Bonello, Sowe, Bjelicic, Emerson, Callegari, Camenzuli (`79 Vinicus), Guillamier (`79 Fedele), Prsa, Montebello (`63 Jonny), Dodo (`73 Domingos), Mashike (`73 Nedeljkovic)


Popovic, Markovic, Vujacic, Sanicanin, Zivkovic, Urosevic (`80 Sehovic), Fejsa, Andrade, Diabate (`74 Natcho), Menig (`69 Belic), Ricardo


`2: Popovic saves shot from Guillamier, Hamrun wins corner-kick

`5: Sanicanin clears the ball inside the box, Hamrun wins a throw

`7: Long ball forward from Zivkovic to Diabate who is unable to get to the end of it

`10: Long range drive from Prsa wide

`11: Menig lost possession outside Hamrun`s box

`13: Cross from Zivkovic blocked, Partizan wins a throw

`16: Cross from Menig, header from Ricardo wide

21: Shot from Guillamier well over the bar

`22: Popovic makes a save after another attacking Hamrun attempt

`27: 1-0, HAMRUN! Prsa was on the right spot inside the box to send the ball into the net

`30: Sowe booked after a couple of fouls on Urosevic

`31: Ricardo waves offside in a promising position

`32: Hamrun keeper inches quicker to clear the ball before Menig could finish Partizan move off

`33: Partizan wins corner-kick

`34: 1-1, PARTIZAN!! From the resulting corner, ball comes back to Zivkovic who crosses it back into the box for Ricardo to smash it into the net

`35: Zivkovic booked

`36: Hamrun wins corner-kick

`37: Fine drive from Guillamier inches wide of the right post

`38: Partizan wins corner-kick

`42: Fine Partizan counter-attack, Partizan wins a throw only

`45: Two mins added time

`45+2: Half-time whistle


`48: Prsa wins shooting position outside the box but blasts the ball well wide

`51: Menig wins corner-kick for Partizan

`52: Vujacic failed the make the most of the resulting corner-kick on the near post

`52: Uncomfortable low ball into the no man`s land inside the box from Mashike, it`s a goal-kick for Partizan eventually

`54: Ricardo puts too much power on the pass for Diabate

`55: Long range shot from Guillamier well over the bar

`58: Long run from Menig who fails to pass the ball in time

`59: Strike inside the box from Menig wide of the right post

`62: Menig steals possession just outside the box and plays it for Ricardo followed by a shot and chest block from Hamrun defender who saved the ball from coming into the empty net

`63: Jonny in for Montebello

`64: Fejsa loses midfield possession, Dodo charges forward and blasts the ball over the bar

`67: Alerted Popovic comes off the line to claim one dangerous Hamrun ball forward

`68: Hamrun wins corner-kick

`69: Belic in for Menig

`69: Cooling break

`72: Andrade steals midfield possession followed by a cross from Ricardo too far out

`72: 1-2, PARTIZAN!! In the follow-up to this build-up, Urosevic enters the box from the left and scores with his right-footed drive, sending the ball into the right corner of the net

`73: Domingos in for Dodo

`73: Nedeljkovic in for Mashike

`74: Natcho in for Diabate

`75: Nedeljkovic booked

`77: Callegari booked after his fierce tackle on Markovic

`78: No one gets to the end of Zivkovic`s set-piece cross

`78: 1-3, PARTIZAN!! Brilliant build-up from Andrade and Natcho, Ricardo finishes it off with a fine header

`79: Vinicus in for Camenzuli

`79: Fedele in for Guillamier

`80: Sehovic in for Urosevic

`81: PENALTY-KICK! Hamrun wins penalty-kick after a handball from Belic inside the box

`81: Belic booked

`82: 2-3, HAMRUN! Emphatic penalty strike from Vicinus

`89: Uncomfortable cross from Domingos, Popovic punches the ball out of the box

`90: PENALTY-KICK! Andrade allegedly fouled Hamrun player in the box

`90: Natcho booked

`90: Four mins added time

`90+1: 3-3, HAMRUN! Another comfortable penalty-kick strike, this one from sub Fedele

`90+4: Final whistle

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