Partizan goalkeeper Nemanja Stevanovic recently had a shoulder surgery while winger Nikola Lakcevic finally recovered from long-term knee injury but picked up a knock in a recent Rembas friendly.


28-year old Stevanovic had a shoulder surgery three weeks ago and we talked to Partizan goalie on his recovery.

“I`ve been on intensive recovery treatment for a week now, three or four hours a day. I did two-and-a-half hours today and I`m a bit tired but I`m not giving up. I need to get back stronger than ever” – says Nemanja Stevanovic.

What`s your recovery treatment like?

“We start with magnetic therapy followed by a steady warm-up and exercise for better shoulder mobility and strength. I need to do that for the first 6 or 7 weeks. When I get full shoulder mobility I`ll do more serious work on its strength although I find this work now already quite serious (laughs). The scar after surgery doesn`t seem big but it`s not a child`s play. I`m not the kind of person who gives up easily. I want to return as soon as possible, I miss training and games but I need to lower my ambitions and allow my recovery to go as planned”.

You watch Partizan games and meet with your teammates every day.

“Of course, I couldn`t wait to get back to the training camp and hang around with the boys. I watch all Partizan games and we are doing great after the winter break. I hope we`ll keep this form and win the double, with a bit of luck involved”.

We heard the secret of your recovery is celery juice made by your spouse every morning?

“Yes, she helps me a lot. She chose to get involved in my recovery with juice making, starting from celery, followed by lemonade and grapefruit. I have to say it helps”.

While you were in hospital, keeper Vladimir Stojkovic showed you support by coming out of the tunnel before the game in with your jersey.

“I was really touched, cried for about half-an-hour in hospital. It`s a great gesture and I replied with a message afterwards. When such a great player pays you a tribute you know you deserved it. I`d like to thank him from the bottom of my heart, same goes for my teammates and coaching staff, they were all there for me giving me support. For sure, that`s going to help me recover as soon as possible”.

While you are recovering, young keeper Matija Gocmanac joined goalkeeper`s roster. Did he ask you for any advice?

“He trained with us before and joined us as a fourth keeper at times. We spoke and he`s diligent and eager to work. It`s on him to keep it that way and to listen what goalie coach Jovsic has to say. I`m sure he`ll advance forward”.

Nikola Lakcevic returned from knee injury and played a friendly couple of days ago but picked up a knock. We spoke to 21-year old winger after the game.

“I got a knock on a knee I had a surgery on but it`s just what it is, a knock” – said Lakcevic.

You still scored a brace in Rembas friendly.

“I did and I`m quite happy about it. It would be even better without this knock happening but we move on”.

It happened down by the flank?

“Yep, but it wasn`t much of a tackle, just that it was a knee knock and it`s not healed 100% after the surgery and recovery. I felt quite a bit of pain but it`s nothing to worry about, thank God”.

You will not be sidelined for long, ten days is the early assessment?

“As soon as bump is gone, we`ll do a knee screening to see the full story. I`m not sure, but I might be sidelined anything from a week to three weeks”.

You also scored in a friendly against Teleoptik two weeks ago.

“I played 30 minutes and scored followed by this brace last Saturday. It started well for me and I feel great. God willing, I`ll keep it going”.

Now, you are on therapy together with Nemanja Stevanovic.

“Yeah, we are in it together. I wish Nemanja speedy recovery and even better return to the field”.

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