Playground: 105 x 68
Capacity: 29.775 seats, 30 rows
Entry and exit gates for spectators: 30
The highest spot: 21 m.
The most distance spots of auditorium:
– by lenght (North – South): 236 m.
– by width (East – West): 150 m.
Lights: 1.500 lux (Philips)

Partizan stadium is a construction with a longest sports tradition in ex-Yugoslavia. It resides at the spot which was always in a midst of most important football events in the country. Before the Second World War, it was a football ground and a home of famous BSK- Belgrade`s Sports Club.
Soon after “The Great War”, and with utter respect for sports tradition, works on a new football ground started on exactly the same spot. First post-war match on newly built stadium took place on 9th of October 1949, and rivals were Yugoslavia and France, drawing 1:1 in a World Cup Qualifier tie. Right to these days, Partizan stadium hosted dozens of greatest world football clubs and national teams. It is a true part of world and European football history.

Until recently, Partizan stadium had 55.000 capacity.

Due to a strict FIFA criteria over the past few years, especially in a domain of spectators comfort and security, in 1998 spectators terracces have been reconstructed , seats and modern equipment installed, enter halls and exits widened, therefore, the present capacity has been reduced to 32.710 seats, complying with all stipulated contidions.

In the year 1995, Partizan stadium adapted the development system of modern world stadiums, a project consisting of covering the stadium and making it a great sports-business centre.
Stadium director is ing. Aleksandar Stepanović, telephone 369-32-40.