Match protocol

Linglong Tire Serbian Super Liga, round 18

Belgrade, November 28

Venue: Vozdovac Stadium

Kick-off time: 4.30pm CET

Referee: Aleksandar Zivkovic

Yellow cards: Ivezic (VZD) – Jojic (PAR)

GOALS: 0-1 `41 Menig, 0-2 `50 Ricardo, 0-3 `55 Pantic



Prekovic, Lasickas, Milovic, F Stanisavljevic (`45 Pantovic), Hajdin, Purtic, Ivezic, A Stanisavljevic (`88 Masovic), Milosavljevic (`60 Keita), Milojevic (`60 Ajdinovic), Vujnovic (`88 Stoisavljevic)


Popovic, Zivkovic, Miletic, Sanicanin, Urosevic (`82 Miljkovic), Zdjelar (`82 Smiljanic), Jojic, Pavlovic (`69 Jovic), Pantic (`69 Scekic), Menig (`60 Lutovac), Ricardo


`4: Cross from Menig, Pavlovic unable to get to the end of it, Jojic shoots  wide in the follow-up

`4: Vozdovac attacking, Miletic and Urosevic well-positioned to prevent the threat

`5: Angled shot from Ricardo high over the bar

`10: Uncomfortable cross from Milojevic, Miletic clears the ball out of the danger

`14: Pantic wins shooting position, followed by and attempt wide

`18: Counter-attack from Menig, cross for Ricardo who fails to get to the end of it

`27: Ricardo stole possession and passed it for Menig who hits the outside netting with his left-footed drive

`27: Shot from Ricardo straight into the path of the keeper

`30: Counter-attack from Pavlovic, pass to Menig followed by a ball for Ricardo and weak shot easily dealt by Vozdovac keeper

`13: Jojic booked

`34: Shot from Jojic blocked by Ivezic for a Partizan corner-kick

`35: WOODWORK! Big opportunity for Vozdovac after the counter-attack and cross, Milojevic hits the post with his header

`37: Milojevic shoots wide after another Vozdovac counter

`38: Urosevic crosses it for Ricardo, keeper claims the ball

`39: Ivezic booked

`40: 0-1, PARTIZAN!! Partizan players put pressure on Vozdovac defence and win possession, Menig scores with a lovely angled strike

`45: Pantovic in for F Stanisavljevic

`45: One min added time

`45+1: Half-time whistle


`47: Set-piece from Jojic cleared by Ivezic

`48: Shot from Milojevic wide

`50: 0-2, PARTIZAN!! Swift counter-attack, Menig plays it promptly for Ricardo who beats the keeper with his emphatic strike

`54: Penalty appeals in vain after Ricardo`s cross and alleged handball in Vozdovac box

`55: 0-3, PARTIZAN!! Excellent long through ball from Jojic, Ricardo battles with two defenders, bal rebounds to Pantic who scores from close range

`60: Ajdinovic in for Milojevic

`60: Keita in for Milosavljevic

`61: Lutovac in for Menig

`66: Cross from Pantic for Ricardo, keeper punches the ball out of the box

`68: Pavlovic shots wide after keeper`s blunder

`69: Jovic in for Pavlovic

`69: Scekic in for Pantic

`76: A Stanisavljevic dribbles his was forward and shoots over the bar

`77: Shot from Lutovac just wide

`82: Shot from Lasickas wide

`82: Smiljanic in for Zdjelar

`82: MIljkovic in for Urosevic

`86: Counter-attack from Lutovac followed by late pass for Jovic and wasted opportunity

`87: Shot from Ajdinovic saved by Popovic

`88: Masovic in for A Stanisavljevic

`88: Stoisavljevic in for Vujnovic

`90: Two mins added time

`90+2: Final whistle