Serbian Super League, round 5

Novi Sad, 13.08.2017.

Venue: Karađorđe stadium

Att: 7000

Kick-off time: 19.00h CET

Referee: Milorad Mazic (Vrbas)

Yellow cards: Renan (VOJ) – Jevtovic, Radin (PAR)

GOALS: 0-1 `89 Ostojic

Game stats:

VOJVODINA                                                      PARTIZAN


40% Ball possession 60%
10 Goal attempts 13
6 Shots on target 10
4 Shots off target 3
15 Free-kicks 18
3 Corner-kicks 9
34 Throws 24
9  Saves 6
1 Yellow Cards 2




Rockov, Renan, Lakicevic, Planic, Subotic, Malbasic (`87 Antic), Vukasovic, Burekovic, Jovancic (`90 Neskovic), Ovusu, Mesarovic (`77 Mihajlovic)


Jovicic, Vulicevic, Ostojic, NR Miletic, NG Miletic, Jevtovic,  Radin, Soumah (`79 Ilic), Jankovic, Pantic (`59 Jovanovic), Tawamba


Game highlights:

`2: Malbasic breaks into the box from the flank, sends the ball further into the box, Jovicic claims the ball

`7: 20m shot from Jovancic over the bar

`11: Great 12m shot from Soumah and equally fine save from Rockov

`15: Jankovic`s corner-kick, Tawamba`s header and another great save from Rockov

`18: Set-piece from Jankovic and header from Jevtovic wide

`26: Cross from Vulicevic, weak header from Pantic and save from Rockov

`29: Built-up from Soumah, Pantic and Miletic flank ball for charging Soumah and clearance from Renan

`39: Pantic breaks on the left followed by a curler towards the 6-yard box and another clearance from Renan

`45: 2 mins stoppage time

`45+2: Half-time whistle


Second half highlights:

`57: Two flank breaks from Vojvodina cleared by Partizan defence

`59: Jovanovic in for Pantic

`61: 18m shot from Soumah wide

`63: Long range shot from Renan saved by Jovicic

`65: Excellent 20m free-kick shot from Soumah tipped over the bar by Rockov

`66: Jankovic`s corner-kick, Ostojic makes a touch but keeper saves it on the goalline

`68: Renan cautioned

`69: Rockov tips over the bar another fine free-kick drive from Soumah

`72: 20m shot from Subotic wide

`76: Vulicevic`s cross, far post header from Jovanovic and goalline clearance from Renan

`77: Mihajlovic in for Mesarevic

`78: 20m shot from Soumah saved by Rockov

`79: Ilic in for Soumah

`81: Jevtovic cautioned

`82: Edge of the box low drive from Malbasic, Ostojic blocks it for a Vojvodina corner-kick

`86: Djurickovic in for Jankovic

`87: 20m low drive from Subotic saved by Jovicic

`87: Antic in for Malbasic

`89: 0-1, Partizan!! Djurkovic`s corner-kick and near post towering header from Ostojic

`90: Four mins stoppage time

`90: Neskovic in for Jovancic

`90+2: Radin cautioned

`90+3: Partizan counter-attack, great move from Tawamba and pass for unmarked Radin followed by left-footed first-touch drive over the bar

`90+4: Final whistle


Miroslav Djukic on Vojvodina game:

– Extremely tough game but I`m happy with it at the end as we won it. We had several good opportunities but Vojvodina keeper was excellent today. At the end of the day, we deserved three points against one firm and aggressive side. No one can win with ease here.



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