Match protocol

Mozzart Bet Serbian Super Liga Gameweek 18

Backa Topola, November 7

Venue: TSC Arena

Kick-off time: 7.30pm CET

Referee: Aleksandar Zivkovic

Yellow cards: Mirchevski, Stojic, Antonic (TSC) – Pantic, Urosevic, Natcho (PAR)

GOALS: 1-0 `2 Ratkov, 1-1 `42 Natcho, 1-2 `70 Sanicanin, 2-2 `80 Mirchevski, 2-3 `86 Urosevic



Ilic, Stojkovic (`78 Tomanovic), Stojic, Petrovic, Antonic, Cvetkovic, Dakovac, Kuveljic (`78 Milosavljevic), Ilic, Jovanovic (`70 Mirchevski), Ratkov (`70 Vukic)


Popovic, Ilic (`HT Bazdar), Vujacic, Sanicanin, Zivkovic, Urosevic, Fejsa, Natcho (`89 Traore), Pantic (`HT Menig), Diabate (`90+2 Lutovac), Ricardo (`89 Pavlovic)

Game stats:

TSC                               PARTIZAN

48%      Possession        52%

6           Total shots         9

2            On target          4

1                Saves             0

12          Free-kicks        18

1          Corner-kicks       5



`2: 1-0, TSC! Early shock for Partizan! Great run and return ball from Djakovac for unmarked Ratkov followed by a neat heart-of-the-box shot into the top left corner of the net 

`11: Run from Pantic stopped by Cvetkovic

`14: Attempt from Jovanovic blocked

`23: Shot from Ilic (TSC) blocked by Sanicanin

`28: Vujacic clears the ball from the crowded Partizan box

`31: Fejsa stops TSC attacking move

`34: Set-piece attempt from Natcho dealt by the TSC keeper

`35: Partizan wins corner-kick

`37: Angled shot from Diabate high over the bar

`38: Partizan wins free-kick

`42: 1-1, PARTIZAN!! Neat passing between Diabate, Pantic and Ricardo who lays it for Natcho followed by a pinpoint edge-of-the-box low strike into the bottom right corner of the net

`44: Pantic booked

`45: One minute added time

`45+1: Half-time whistle


`46: Menig and Bazdar in for Pantic and Ilic

`54: Left side cross onto the far post from Ratkov, angled volley from Cvetkovic blocked by Sanicanin

`56: Cross from Diabate blocked

`57: Long range shot from Ilic (TSC) well wide

`58: TSC wins corner-kick for the first time tonight

`62: Fine build-up from TSC, Djakovac failed to get a shot eventually

`64: Sanicanin stops TSC attacking move

`65: Weak shot from Bazdar wide

`67: Great opportunity for Jovanovic who was waved offside in the process

`69: Cross from Zivkovic dealt by TSC defence

`69: Partizan wins corner-kick

`70: 1-2, PARTIZAN!! From the resulting corner and after a couple of deflections, ball comes to Sanicanin who smashes the ball forward-like and sends it into the top left corner of the net

`70: Mirchevski and Vukic in for Vukic and Jovanovic

`73: Popovic clears the danger by punching the ball out of the box

`75: Mirchevski booked

`76: Edge of the box drive from unmarked Ricardo over the bar

`77: Milosavljevic and Tomanovic in for Kuveljic and Stojkovic

`79: Natcho booked for protest over edge-of-the-box foul not given

`79: Urosevic also booked in the process

`80: 2-2, TSC! Low right side cross from Cvetkovic, near post clever tap-in from Mirchevski

`83: Partizan wins free-kick, Ricardo brought down just outside the box

`84: Stojic booked for unsportsmanlike conduct

`86: 2-3, PARTIZAN!! Free-kick beauty from Urosevic who sends the ball into the top right corner of the net

`88: Pavlovic and Traore in for Ricardo and Natcho

`89: Brilliant angled strike from Menig, keeper palms the ball over the bar for a Partizan corner-kick

`90: Four mins added time

`90+1: Brilliant build-up from TSC and poor finish from Vukic

`90+2: Vukic now heads the ball over the bar

`90+4: Partizan counter-attack, pass from Pavlovic into the box for Diabate intercepted

`90+5: Final whistle

Partizan boss Gordan Petric after the game:

A great competitive encounter against the team worthy of European competitions football. We were struggling in the first half and we conceded the way we hinted we would. I praise my players on their energy in every game. Maybe TSC deserved a point but what`ve seen tonight from both teams is encouraging for Serbian football. Two more games before WC break, on Thursday and Sunday. I hope none of the players picked up any injuries tonight.


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