Match protocol

LIngong Tire Serbian Super Liga, round 28

Surdulica, March 21

Venue: Radnik Stadium

Kick-off time: 5pm CET

Referee: Milos Milovanovic

Yellow cards: Orescanin, Mitosevic (RDN) – Ricardo, Urosevic, Stevanovic (PAR)

GOALS: 1-0 `27 Milovanovic, 1-1 `34 Terzic, 1-2 `48 Ricardo

GOALS: 1-0 `45 Dessers, 2-0 `59 Nelson, 2-1 `61 Ricardo, 3-1 `90 Linssen



Randjelovic, Bogdanovski (`81 Bjedov), Radmanovac, Orescanin, Stojanovic, Medic (`76 Subotic), Mitosevic, Duronjic (`68 Dmitrov), Babic (`76 Nedeljkovic), MIlovanovic (`68 Lukic), Spasic


Stevanovic, Lutovac (`80 Miletic), Vujacic, Sanicanin, Urosevic, Zdjelar, Jevtovic (`75 Holender), Natcho (`67 Jojic), Terzic, Menig, Ricardo


`3: Natcho puts too much power on his pass for Ricardo to get to the end of it, Radnik keeper claims the ball

`5: Fine ball forward from Zdjelar over for Ricardo, Radmanovac wins the throw for home team

 `6: Set-piece ball from Natcho, Urosevic heads it over the bar

`15: Cross from Urosevic, header from Terzic wide

`17: Sharp set-piece cross from Natcho, Randjelovic clears the ball out of the box eventually

`20: Cross from Babic, no Radnik player in the box to get to the end of it

`21: Shot from Ricardo blocked for a Partizan corner-kick

`22: From the resulting corner-kick, Vujacic sends a powerful header but the keeper makes a great reflex save

`23: Long range drive from Spasic and comfortable save from Stevanovic

`24: Fine pass from Natcho, sharp cross from Menig, Zdjelar`s shot blocked on the rebound

`27: 1-0, RADNIK! Neat cross from Medic, pinpoint header into the right corner of the net from Milovanovic

`29: Menig turns, dribbles and losses possession, followed by a volley from Jevtovic and a save from the home keeper

`34: 1-1, PARTIZAN!! Great right side run from Menig who enters the box and plays it promptly for Terzic who sends the ball into the net from close range although keeper got a bit of a touch

`38: Menig dribbles and shoots, keeper makes a save

`41: Several Partizan crosses dealt by, Jevtovic heads the ball wide eventually

`45: One minute added time

`45+1: Half-time whistle


`46: Long range drive from Duronjic over the bar

`48: 1-2, PARTIZAN!! Neat right-footed, edge of the box low drive into the left corner of the net from Ricardo

`50: Ricardo booked a being fouled by Orescanin and complaining about it

`50: Orescanin booked for a foul on Ricardo

`52: Menig elbowed by Duronjic, Partizan medical team comes in

`55: Milovanovic waved offside in a promising position

`58: Urosevic (dangerous tackle) booked

`59: Zdjelar runs forward and plays it for Menig but the ball ends up out of play due to an uneven playing surface

64: Cross from Menig cleared by the keeper for a Partizan corner-kick

`65: After several rebounds in the box, nothing comes out from the resulting corner-kick eventually

`67: Jojic in for Natcho

`68: Lukic in for Milovanovic

`68: Dimitrov in for Duronjic

`70: VAR CHECK!! Ricardo scores but it`s a VAR check to clear out if Partizan forward was offside in the process

`71: GOAL DISSALLOWED!! Ricardo confirmed offside after the VAR check

`72: Jevtovic in need of a treatment now

`73: Mitosevic booked after a strong midfield tackle on Terzic

`74: Jevtovic unable to continue, Holender in for Partizan

`76: Nedeljkovic and Subotic in for Medic and Babic

`80: Lutovac in for Miletic

`80: Partizan corner-kick, shot from Menig blocked

`81: Bjedov in for Bogdanovski

`83: Long ball forward, Vujacic clears it out for a Radnik throw

`85: Shot from Ricardo blocked

`87: Ricardo in need of a treatment now

`89: Menig beats the keeper who comes back to his line to save Menig`s angled shot

`90: Five mins added time

`90+2: Stevanovic (time-wasting) booked

`90+3: Two great opportunities for Radnik – Spasic hits the crossbar with his close range angled attempt, Lukic sends the ball over the bar from close range in the follow-up

`90+6: Final whistle

Partizan boss Aleksandar Stanojevic after the game:

-Pitch surface was a nightmare to play on. I`d like to praise my boys on their character today. It was so hard to play on this pitch, so I congratulate them on their persistence. Now we have international break to rest a bit after a great streak of matches in a short space of time.

This break will mean a lot to us. We`ll have time for more training sessions and we also expect number of players to come back from their respective injuries and start training with us.

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