Match protocol

Mozzart Bet Serbian Super Liga, round 8

Kragujevac, August 28

Venue: Cika Daca Stadium

Kick-off time: 5pm CET

Referee: Srdjan Jovanovic

Yellow cards: Vlajkovic, Srnic, Zoric (RDN) – Jovic (PAR)

GOALS: `88 Natcho



Lekovic, Vlajkovic, Ivanovic, Kovacevic (`90 Pecelj), Vidosavljevic (`64 Varjacic), MIlicic, Srnic (`90 Zoric), Vidovic, Stojiljkovic, Tomic (`70 Krajisnik), Jovanovic (`64 Maksimovic)


Popovic, Zivkovic, Vujacic, Sanicanin, Urosevic (`85 Sehovic), Andrade (`79 Bazdar), Traore (`85 Fejsa), Petkovic (`HT Jovic), Natcho, Diabate (`71 Menig), Ricardo


`1: A moment of silence observed for Partizan legend Milutin Soskic who died at the age of 85 yesterday

`1: Radnicki attacks, Sanicanin clears the danger

`4: Cross from Tomic, Popovic claims the ball

`5:  Inviting Natcho`s set-piece ball into the box, keeper claims the ball eventually

`7: Left-flank set-piece ball into the box, weak header and comfortable save from Popovic

`8: Long set-piece ball into the box from Natcho, keeper claims it

`10: Sanicanin clears the danger inside the box, poor shot from Tomic in the follow-up

`10: Fine run and cross from Diabate, ball cleared out of the box

`12: Ricardo for Diabate who failed to control difficult pass just outside the box

`13: Ricardo unable to connect with a long pass forward

`14: Long ball forward from Zivkovic for Diabate, Radnicki defence deals with it

`16: Low shot from Tomic well wide

`17: Brilliant through ball from Natcho, Diabate blasts the ball over the bar inside the box, great opportunity for Partizan

`20: Long ball forward from Traore, Diabate wins possession surrounded by three opposing players but goes far too wide to make more out of his tight angle shot

`22: Dangerous set-piece ball from Natcho, keeper clears this uncomfortable ball with his foot

`23: Vlajkovic in need of a treatment

`24: Cross from Andrade, keeper claims the ball comfortably

`24: Vlajkovic able to continue

`25: Cooling break

`29: Through ball from Sanicanin for Diabate cleared by a defender`s sliding tackle

`30: Flank set-piece ball headed out of the box by Zivkovic

`31: Radnicki wins corner-kick

`32: Another clearance from Zivkovic

`32: Tomic`s angled shot blocked by Diabate, Jovanovic heads the ball well over the bar in the follow-up

`34: Great through ball from Tomic, Vidosavljevic hesitated with his shot inside the box to allow Sanicanin to make a block, great opportunity for Radnicki

`35: Pass from Diabate, poor angled shot from Petkovic inside the box

`37: Andrade puts too much power on his lofted pass for Ricardo, keeper claims the ball comfortably

`38: Cross from Tomic headed out of the box by Sanicanin, close range weak low shot from Jovanovic in the follow-up blocked for a Radnicki corner-kick

`41: Left-footed shot from Natcho blocked

`42: Dangerous right side cross cleared, Radnicki wins corner-kick in the follow-up

`42: Close range header over the bar from Ivanovic

`43: Stojiljkovic creates for Vidovic whose close range shot got saved by Popovic, Radnicki wins corner-kick

`44: From the resulting corner, Vidovic heads the ball wide on the far post

`45: Cross from Zivkovic, Ricardo unable to control the ball inside the box

`45: Three mins added time

`45+1: Couple of dangerous crosses, Partizan defence managed to clear the ball out of the danger eventually

`45+1: Diabate on the break brought down, no foul given

`45+3: Cross from Urosevic, charging Petkovic chested the ball down but failed to get a proper shot

`45+3: VAR CHECK!! VAR check confirmed there was no foul on Petkovic inside the box

`45+3: Half-time whistle


`46: Jovic in for Petkovic

`47: Natcho puts too much power on his inviting pass for Ricardo inside the box

`50: Angled Radnicki set-piece cross, ball flies over the horde of players and goes out of the play

`52: Great long ball from Traore for Jovic, Vlajkovic slides and clears the ball for a Partizan corner-kick

`54: Cross from Urosevic headed out of the box

`57: Radnicki defence deals with couple of crosses sent into the box

`57: Vlajkovic (handball offence) booked

`58: Free-kick outside the box for Partizan

`59: Free-kick shot from Natcho comfortably saved by the well-positioned keeper

`60: Jovic (late tackle) booked

`63: Through ball from Natcho, Ricardo unable to control the ball inside the box

`64: Jovic risking second bookable offence with his tackle

`64: Maksimovic in for Jovanovic

`64: Varjacic in for Vidosavljevic

`66: Shot from Andrade blocked

`70: Krajisnik in for Tomic

`71: Menig in for Diabate

`72: Cross from Andrade, keeper claims the ball comfortably

`72: Cross from Varjacic blocked by Sanicanin, Radnicki wins corner-kick

`74: Srnic (pulling) booked

`76: Cross from Andrade headed out of the box comfortably

`77: Menig wins corner-kick for Partizan

`78: Cross from Natcho, header from Sanicanin cleared

`79: Sanicanin clears the ball in no-man`s land inside the 6-yard box, Radnicki wins corner-kick

`79: Bazdar in for Andrade

`81: Measured strike from Bazdar and diving save from Radnicki keeper, Partizan wins corner-kick

`83: Danger inside Partizan box somehow cleared by visiting defence

`85: Sehovic in for Urosevic

`85: Fejsa in for Traore

`87: Powerful angled strike from Menig inside the box saved by the keeper

`88: Shot from Menig blocked for a Partizan corner-kick

`88: 0-1, PARTIZAN!! From the resulting corner, Sanicanin`s header got saved by the keeper, Natcho pounces on the rebound and taps the ball in from close range

`90: Pecelj in for Kovacevic

`90: Zoric in for Srnic

`90: Three mins added time

`90+1: Zoric booked for a late midfield tackle on Bazdar

`90+3: Final whistle

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