Serbian Super League, round 11

Beograd, 24.09.2017.

Venue: Kralj Petar I stadium

Att: 1500

Kick-off time: 19.00h CET

Referee: Milorad Mazic (Vrbas)

Yellow cards: Vujacic (RAD) – Jovanovic, NR Miletic (PAR)

GOALS: 0-1 `15 Ozegovic, 0-2 `28 Mitrovic, 1-2 `48 Zonjic, 2-2 `54 Vujacic, 2-3 `79 Jovanovic, 2-4 `89 Tawamba

Game stats

Rad                                                                        Partizan

40% Ball possession 60%
5 Goal attempts 16
2 Shots on goal 9
3 Shots off goal 7
11 Free-kicks 10
1 Corner-kicks 13
18 Throws 33
5  Saves 0
1 Yellow Cards 2



RAD:  Zogovic, Volkov, Denic, Lutovac, Piscevic (`19 Mladenovic), Vico (`24 Sipcic), Zonjic, Petrovic, Stojanovic (`HT Vujacic), Lukic, Rendulic

PARTIZAN: Jovicic, Vulicevic, NR Miletic, Mitrovic, Antonov, Radin, Marjanovic, Djurickovic (`84 Jankovic), Pantic (`64 Soumah), Ozegovic (`74 Jovanovic), Tawamba



Partizan keeper Stojkovic felt muscle pain during warm-up so he had to be subbed by reserve goalie Jovicic

`9: Djurickovic`s shot and punching save from Zogovic for a Partizan corner-kick

`12: 18m shot from Stojanovic over the bar

`15: 0-1, Partizan!! Djurickovic sent through ball, Ozegovic followed it with a left-footed shot into the far corner of the net

`19: Injured Piscevic subbed by Mladenovic

`20: Partizan corner-kick, clearance and shot from Mitrovic over the bar

`23: Good opportunity for Tawamba but he hesitated enough to send the ball over the bar eventually

`24: Vico picked up an injury, Sipcic in for Rad

`27: Partizan counter-attack, Pantic for Antonov followed by a ball for Tawamba but Partizan wins corner-kick only

`28: 0-2, Partizan!! Resulting corner-kick saw Mitrovic head the ball in beating keeper Zogovic in the air

`35: Another Partizan counter-attack and 18m shot from Ozegovic wide

`37: Long range blast from Djurickovic, Zogovic makes a save for another Partizan corner-kick

`40: Vulicevic for Tawamba followed by a back-heel move and Djurickovic`s 12m shot over the bar

`41: Edge of the box shot from Tawamba, Partizan wins corner-kick

`45: Two mins stoppage time

`45+2: Stojanovic is third Rad player to pick up first half injury

`45+2: Half-time whistle


`46: Vujacic in for injured Stojanovic

`47: MItrovic clears dangerous attack from Lutovac

`48: 1-2, Rad! Jovicic made a save after fierce strike from Mladenovic but Zonjic reacted to rebound and scored from close range

`50: Near post corner-kick from Djurickovic, Marjanovic heads it wide by the far post

`52: Edge of the area shot from Antonov blocked

`53: 18m shot from Lukic just wide

`54: 2-2, Rad! Inviting left side cross from Denic, sliding close range shot into the net from charging Vujacic

`58: Rendulic stayed down after edge of the box shot from Djurkovic hits him in the head

`61: Partizan counter-attack, Tawamba beats two players followed by a lob move just over the bar

`64: Soumah in for Pantic

`66: Lutovac beats Partizan defence followed by a great opportunity and 10m shot over the bar

`67: Ozegovic pulled down in the box, referee waves it away

`71: Antonov` s opportunity cleared by Rad defence, Partizan wins corner-kick

`74: Jovanovic in for Ozegovic

`75: Right-footed 18m volley from Djurickovic over the bar

`79: 2-3, Partizan!! Tawamba broke into the box from the left, did the great job and left Jovanovic to tap the ball in

`80: Jovanovic cautioned

`82: Vujacic cautioned

`82: NR Miletic cautioned

`84: Jankovic in for Djurickovic

`85: 18m blast from Antonov, keeper makes a save, Partizan wins corner-kick

`88: 2-4, Partizan!!  Antonov`s through ball, Tawamba`s shot into the far corner of the net

`90: Three mins stoppage time

`90+3: Final whistle



– Strange game it was. We did the hardest thing in football game – scored two goals away and played great, calm, there wasn`t any problems in sight. But, we lost composure and conceded two stupid goals. We managed to get back into the game and won three important points. But we can`t allow such change of playing mood anymore.



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