Serbian Super League, round 1

Beograd, 22.07.2017.

Venue: Partizan stadium

Att: 4000

Kick-off time: 19:00h CET

Referee: Danilo Grujic (Nis)

Yellow cards: Jevtovic (PAR) – Pejovic (MAC)

GOALS: 1-0 `8 Kosovic, 2-0 `16 Tawamba, 3-0 `20 Pantic, 4-0 `35 Djurdjevic, 4-1 `59 Lazarevic (p), 5-1 `68 Tawamba, 6-1 `85 Mihajlovic

Game stats:

Partizan                                                                  Macva

63% Ball possession 37%
14 Goal attempts 7
8 Shots on target 3
6 Shots off target 4
12 Free-kicks 11
4 Corner-kicks 2
17 Throws 22
2  Saves 2
1 Yellow Cards 1




12 Kljajić
 26 Miletić N
 73 Miletić G
 23 Ostojić
 6 Ćirković
 21 Jevtović
 27 Kosović
 10 Janković  (`61 Soumah)
 55 Pantić (`76 Mihajlović)
 32 Đurđević  (`79 Jovanović)
 3 Tavamba



 1 Filipović
 2 Pejović
 28 Rajović (`HT Protić)
 4 Ivić
 5 Jovanović
 44 Lazarevic
 33 Gemović  (`67 Jovanović J)
 8 Obrovac
 9 Matić
 20 Adamović (`82 Marković)
 22 Jeremić


Game highlights:

`2: Neat passing game outside Macva box and Djurdjevic`s shot wide

`6: Gemovic breaks on the right, keeper Kljajic claims the ball

`7: Tawamba breaks into the box followed by poor return ball into the 6-yard area

`8: 1-0, Partizan!! More nice passing game from Partizan followed by 20m curler into the top left corenr from Kosovic

`16: 2-0, Partizan!! Djurdjevic breaks from the right followed by return ball into the heart of the box for Tawamba followed by low shot into the bottom right corner

`18: Great ball from Kosovic over to right-back Miletic who sends an angled shot just wide of the far post

`20: 3-0, Partizan!! Djurdjevic`s shot blocked, Pantic scores on the rebound

`23: Jeremic breaks into the box from the right followed by close range angled shot and foot save from Kljajic

`24: Through ball from Tawamba, first touch left-footed shot from Djurdjevic saved by the keeper

`33: 18m shot from Pantic blocked

`35: 4-0, Partizan!! Djurdjevic beats the offside trap and scores

`37: Pejovic cautioned

`37: Long range shot from Adamovic well wide

`39: Macva threatens again, wins a corner-kick only

`41: Jevtovic cautioned

`45: One min stoppage time

`45+1: Half-time whistle


Second half highlights:

`46: Protic in for Rajovic

`50: Angled shot from Gemovic over the bar

`59: 4-1, Macva! Cirkovic brings down Macva player in the box followed by neat penalty kick from Lazarevic

`61: Soumah in for Jankovic

`62: Tawamba`s close range angled shot wide

`67: Another shot from Tawamba, keeper saves it comfortably

`68: J Jovanovic in for Gemovic

`68: 5-1, Partizan!! Miletic breaks from the left, keeper punches the ball followed by Tawamba`s shot on the rebound

`76: Soumah heads in nicely for Pantic whose shot was blocked for a corner-kick

`77: Mihajlovic in for Pantic

`79: Jovanovic in for Djurdjevic

`82: Markovic in for Adamovic

`85: 6-1, Partizan!! Brilliant 20m lob from Mihajlovic

`87: Obrovac shoots over the bar

`90: Final whistle

Miroslav Djukic after the game:

– I`m really pleased how we entered the game and controlled it overall. It`s important that lots of players have scored, we need to have more of them scoring – not to rely on couple of players doing it. Still, we can play better than this.

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