Match protocol

Linglong Tire Serbian Super Liga, round 33

Beograd, April 27

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Kick-off time: 2pm CET

Referee: Milan Mitic

Yellow cards: Menig, Zdjelar, Natcho, Miljkovic (PAR) – Krsmanovic (TSC)

GOALS: 0-1 `31 Vukic, 1-1 `41 Natcho, 2-1 `42 Ricardo, 3-1 `48 Miljkovic, 4-1 `62 Jovic



Popovic, Miljkovic, Miletic, Vujacic (`40 Sanicanin), Lutovac (`61 Zivkovic), Zdjelar, Jojic (`40 Markovic), Terzic (`58 Jovic), Natcho, Menig (`58 Jevtovic), Ricardo


Filipovic, Petrovic (`HT Krsmanovic), Varga, Antonic, Stojkovic, Djakovac (`74 Milicevic), Bocskay (`74 Mircevski), Banjac (`74 Doucoure), Stanojev, Ratkov (`74 Stanojlovic), Vukic


`3: Diagonal pass from charging Terzic for Jojic followed by a shot over the bar

`4: Miletic clears the threat, TSC wins corner-kick

`5: Lutovac blocks TSC crossing attempt

`7: Clash inside Partizan box, MIletic and Ratkov in need of a medical treatment

`9: Both players able to continue

`10: Dangerous play and foul on Menig, set-piece threat from Partizan

`11: Set-piece cross from Natcho, header from Vujacic, Miletic caught offside in the process

`13: Menig breaks on the right but his pass into the box got cleared

`14: Terzic in need of a medical treatment due to a nosebleed caused by a kick inside TSC box

`15: Cross from Petrovic and poor header from Vukic

`16: TSC player in need of a medical treatment now

`17: Both players back in play

`17: Lutovac puts too much power on his pass for Terzic, TSC wins goal-kick

`18: Menig (pulling) booked

`19: Terzic out of the play again for more treatment on his nosebleed

`22: Good build-up from Partizan involving Lutovac, Natcho and Ricardo, cross from Miljkovic headed out of the box

`23: Zdjelar (unsportsmanlike conduct) booked

`26: Through pass from TSC player, Popovic comes out off the line and claims the ball

`27: Through ball from Natcho, Lutovac unable to win possession, TSC wins goal-kick

`29: A little too much power on Menig`s pass for charging Ricardo prevents Ricardo for breaking through

`32: 0-1, TSC! Vukic lobs Popovic inside the box after a neat low pass from his teammate

`34: Cross from Menig and difficult header attempt from Ricardo no threat to TSC

`35: Mistake from Jojic, quick shooting attempt from TSC Bocskay easily dealt by Popovic

`36: Shot from Jojic over the bar

`37: Dangerous counter-attack from TSC dealt by Partizan defence eventually

`38: Poor cross from Miljkovic

`40: Foul on Ricardo just outside the box

`40: Markovic in for Jojic

`40: Sanicanin in for Vujacic

`41: 1-1 PARTIZAN!! Brillant free-kick shot from Natcho off the post and into the net

`42: GOAL DISSALLOWED!! Ricardo scores, Menig was waved offside in the process

`43: 2-1, PARTIZAN!! After the VAR check it was confirmed Menig was not offside, Ricardo`s goal stands! Keeper saves lob attempt from Menig, Ricardo scores on the rebound

`45: Three mins added time to be played

`45+1: Cross from Markovic straight into the hands of TSC keeper

`45+2: Shooting attempt from Menig and Terzic blocked

`45+2: Nice turn and shot from Markovic wide

`45+3: Two bookings for TSC bench

`45+3: Half time whistle


`46 Krsmanovic in for Petrovic

`47: Low cross from Ricardo, ball cleared for a Partizan corner-kick

`48: 3-1, PARTIZAN!! Cross from Natcho, shot from Sanicanin saved, Miljkovic taps the ball in on the rebound

`50: Banjac breaks into the box from the left, his semi-cross/semi-shot prompts Popovic to palm the ball over the bar, TSC wins corner-kick

`52: Sanicanin deals with dangerous attacking threat from TSC

`53: Natcho (late tackle) booked

`53: Low angled shot from Markovic inside the box just wide off the far post

`55: Ricardo does the job on the right side but his no Partizan player met his inviting pass

`58: Miljkovic booked

`58: Jovic in for Terzic

`58: Jevtovic in for Menig

`59: Neat cross into the Partizan 6-yars box, two TSC players failed to get a decisive touch

`59: Popovic in need of a medical treatment

`61: Zivkovic in for Lutovac

`62: 4-1, PARTIZAN!! Trademark through pass from Natcho, inviting pass into the 6-yard box from Markovic, Jovic slides down to tap the ball into the net on the far post

`65: Krsmanovic (pulling) booked

`65 Set-piece cross from Natcho, Partizan wins corner-kick

`66: From the resulting corner-kick, Miletic heads the ball towards the net, Partizan players claim ball crossed the goalline

`67: VAR CHECK!! Ball didn`t fully cross the goalline

`69: Long range drive from Djakonac and great save from Popovic, visitors win corner-kick

`70: Another corner for TSC after a block from Miletic

`71: A bit of a trouble inside Partizan box, ball cleared out eventually

`74: Visitors make four subs now – Milicevic, Stanojlovic, Doucoure and Mircevski in for Ratkov, Bocskay, Djakovac and Banjac

`78 TSC wins corner-kick

`83: Neat passing game from Partizan players who enjoy long spell of possession now

`85: Top-of-the-boot shot from Markovic inside the box over the bar

`86: Beautiful build-up from Natcho, Ricardo and Markovic, Jovic had only keeper to beat after a prompt low pass from Markovic but TSC goalie makes a fine save, Partizan wins corner-kick only

`87: From the resulting corner-kick, Zdjelar shoots wide on the rebound

`88: Comfortable save from Popovic after a shot from Stanojlovic

90: No added time, final whistle from the referee

Partizan boss Aleksandar Stanojevic after the game:

-I`d like to praise boys on their character. We were one-nil down but we picked up and the boys did it all by themselves, congrats to them.



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