Match protocol

Linglong Tire Serbian Super Liga, round 5 rescheduled game

Belgrade, October 28

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Att: 2000

Kick-off time: 5pm CET

Referee: Lazar Lukic

Yellow cards: Zivkovic, Zdjelar, Scekic (PAR) – Maslarevic, Antonijevic, Mladjovic (MET)

GOALS: 1-0 `7 Ricardo, 1-1 `28 Stuparevic, 2-1 `51 Natcho (p), 3-1 `68 Natcho



Popovic, Miljkovic (`HT Zivkovic), Miletic, Sanicanin, Obradovic (`HT Urosevic), Zdjelar, Jojic (`76 Scekic), Terzic (`58 Jovic), Pantic, Menig (`HT Natcho), Ricardo


Maslarevic, Vlalukin, Backulja, Mladjovic, Antonijevic, Stojic, Odada (`76 Jocic), Krajisnik (`86 Milicevic), Ficovic (`66 Djuric), Cvetkovic (`86 Saric), Stuparevic (`76 Furtula)


`2: Neat cross from Jojic and header from Miljkovic who was waved offside in the process

`2: Cross from Vlalukin dealt by Popovic

`7: 1-0, PARTIZAN!! Midfield blunder opens up Partizan counter-attack, Jojic plays it for Ricardo who beats the keeper but his initial shot was blocked by Backulja. However, Ricardo makes no mistake from the rebound and scores his 16th goal of the season

`9: CROSSBAR! Cross from Vlalukin, crossbar comes to Partizan rescue after header from Stuparevic

`14: Free-kick play and another cross from Vlalukin, Sanicanin clears the danger

`19: Foul on Pantic for a Partizan free-kick

`21: Cross from Jojic, Miljkovic heads it wide

`22:Menig brats Backulja but sends the ball wide with his quite angled shot

`29: 1-1, METALAC! Mistake from Sanicanin allows Stuparevic to equalize

`37: Cross from Terzic cleared out for a Partizan corner-kick

`38: Cross from Menig, Ricardo heads it wide

`40: Partizan counter-attack, Metalac wins possession after poor pass from Jojic

`45: Edge of the box drive from Pantic wide

`45: One minute added time

`45+1: Half time whistle


`46: Urosevic, Zivkovic and Natcho in for Obradovic, Miljkovic and Menig

`50: PENALTY!! Ricardo seizes on mistake from Metalac keeper who had to bring Partizan forward down and referee signals penalty-kick for Partizan\

`50: VAR CHECK!! Referee points to the spot after the VAR check

`51: Maslarevic booked

`52: 2-1, PARTIZAN!! Emphatic penalty-kick shot from Natcho

`55: Ricardo wins the ball, keeps possession and sends a sharp cross with no Partizan player able to get on the end of it

`56: Zivkovic booked

`58: Jovic in for Terzic

`60: Two saves from Metalac keeper, one from Ricardo and one from Jojic on the rebound

`63: Fine Partizan build-up and shot from Jovic saved by the keeper

`66: Antonijevic booked

`66: Djuric in for Ficovic

`67: Shot from Pantic blocked for a Partizan corner-kick

`68: 3-1, PARTIZAN!! Timely move from Jojic, Natcho sends the ball into the empty net. VAR check confirms there was no offside in the build-up

`72: Pantic seizes on defensive mistake, plays it for Jojic followed by a shot and defensive block

`73: Zivkovic sends the ball over the bar

`75: Scekic in for Jojic

`75: Furtula and Jocic in for Stuparevic and Odada

`78: Zdjelar booked

`79: Free-kick ball drops into Partizan box, Scekic clears it out of the danger

`81: Mladjovic booked

`86: Milicevic and Saric in for Cvetkovic and Krajisnik

`88: Free-kick shot from Vlalukin and comfortable save from Popovic

`90: Three mins added time

`90+3: Scekic booked

`90+3: Final whistle