Match protocol

Linglong Tire Serbian Super Liga, round 21 game

Belgrade, December 18

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Kick-off time: 12.55pm CET

Referee: Nenad Minakovic

Yellow cards: Sanicanin, Holender, Jovic (PAR) – Loncar, Dobrivojevic, Djuric (KOL)

GOALS: 1-0 `67 Menig



Stevanovic, Miljkovic, Miletic, Vujacic, Sanicanin (`HT Pantic), Zivkovic, Zdjelar, Scekic (`HT Ricardo), Jojic (`64 Jovic), Menig (`73 Ostojic), Milovanovic (`64 Holender)


Stanivukovic, Jankovic, Djuric, Pecelj (`75 Velikic), Kocovic, Marjanovic, Loncar (`75 Petronijevic), Djokic (`75 Djenic), Mladenovic (`64 Andric), Dobrijevic, Tumbas (`68 Vasiljevic)


`1: Visitors on the attack, referee whistles foul on Partizan player

`1: Shot from Milovanovic blocked, Partizan forward waved offside in the process

`6: Neat cross from Menig cleared by Jankovic for a Partizan corner-kick

`7: Cross from Jojic cleared by Kolubara defence

`10: Scekic heads the ball wide

`11: GOAL DISALLOWED!! Milovanovic scores but VAR check confirms he was offside in the build-up

`15: Milovanovic fails to ge to the end of the long pass

`17: Sharp tackle on Milovanovic by Tumbas

`19: Scekic volleys the ball just over the bar

`20: Angled shot from Menig and comfortable save from Kolubara keeper

`25: Loncar booked

`27: Kolubara defence deals with couple of Partizan attacks

`28: Milovanovic turns and shots, comfortable save from Kolubara keeper

`35: Angled shot from Kolubara player who hits outside netting only

`37: Milovanovic waved offside once again

`41: Dobrijevic booked

`44: Sanicanin booked

`45: Three mins added time

`45+1: Nothing comes out from Partizan corner-kick

`45+3: Half-time whistle


`46: Ricardo and Pantic in for Sanicanin and Scekic

`47: Menig wins corner-kick

`50: Fine Partizan counter-attack, cross from Menig, Ricardo waved offside in the process

`51: Djuric booked

`52: Sharp cross from Zivkovic, no Partizan player able to get to the end of it

`53: Shot from Menig over the bar

`59: Outside foot shot from Pantic saved by the keeper, great opportunity wasted

`62: Pantic waved offside

`63: Andric in for Mladenovic

`64: Holender in for Milovanovic

`64: Jovic in for Jojic

`65: Nothing comes out of Kolubara corner-kick

`66: Another Partizan corner-kick

`67: 1-0, PARTIZAN!! From resulting corner-kick and rebound, Menig smashes the ball into the bottom left corner with his edge of the box brilliant drive

`68: VAR check confirms there was no offside position in the build-up to the goal

`69: Vasiljevic in for Tumbas

`73: Ostojic in for Menig

`75: Ricardo enters the box but adds too much power on his run, ball goes out of the play

`75: Djekic, Velikic and Petronijevic in for Loncar, Pecelj and Djokic

`84: Close range shot from Miljkovic wide, great opportunity wasted

`87: Holender booked

`88: Jovic booked

`90: Four mins added time

`90+1: Ricardo goes down after clash with the keeper, referee waves it on

`90+4: Final whistle

Partizan boss Aleksandar Stanojevic after the game:

-Praise to the boys on this half-season but I have to apologize to our fans on a poor performance, probably the worst one so far this season. Pitch surface was unplayable. After 35 games played we go on a winter break now. Mid-season preps start on 12th of January, we will train at our sports centre for 10 days before moving to Cyprus training camp.