Match protocol

Linglong Tire Serbian Super Liga, round 27

Belgrade, March 13

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Att: 2506

Kick-off time: 2.30pm CET

Referee: Aleksandar Zivkovic

Yellow cards: Ricardo, Markovic, Jevtovic (PAR) – Raskovic, Kojicic, Stevanovic, Melunovic, Vasiljevic (NAP)




Stevanovic, Lutovac, Miletic, Vujacic, Urosevic (`HT Zivkovic), Zdjelar, Jojic (`HT Holender), Pavlovic (`HT Jevtovic), Markovic (`61 Milovanovic), Menig (`HT Jovic), Ricardo


Vasiljevic, S Jovanovic, Kojicic, Djakovic,  Spremo, Marjanovic (`50 Stevanovic), Raskovic, D Jovanovic (`79 Mladenovic), Djurickovic (`70 Ivanic), Kocic  (`79 Dzuguric), Melunovic (`79 Kunic)


`1: Menig plays it for Pavlovic, Napredak wins a throw

`4: Cross from Kocic, good defensive reaction from Miletic

`5: Ricardo leaves it for Markovic followed by a poor cross

`6: Long range drive from Marjanovic blocked

`7: Menig goes down in the box, referee waves play on

`12: Fine cross from Lutovac, Ricardo`s attempt blocked for a Partizan corner-kick

`14: Spemo clears the ball in the crowded box after failed attempt from Pavlovic to get a shot

`16: Set-piece ball from Marjanovic rebounds for Djurickovic who blasts the ball high over the bar

`18: Poor pass from Markovic inside the box

`20: Markovic turns and shoots, Milunovic blocks his effort, Partizan wins corner-kick

`21: From the resulting corner-kick, Vujacic heads the ball just over the bar

`23: Set-piece ball into the Napredak box, Kojicic clears it before Vujacic could get to the end of the cross, Partizan wins corner-kick

`27: Raskovic (bad tackle on Markovic) booked

`30 Ricardo booked for a foul on Kojicic inside visitor`s box

`32: Fine build-up between Ricardo and Markovic followed by a cross from Markovic, Pavlovic failed to get to the end of it

`35: Set-piece cross from Jojic, far post attempt from Miletic cleared

`38: Cross from Spremo, poor header from unmarked Marjanovic

`41: Angled shot from Lutovac straight into the keeper

`43: Kojicic booked for pulling down Markovic from the back

`43: Markovic (unsportsmanlike conduct) booked

`45: One minute added time

`45+1: Great move and cross from Lutovac, weak header from Ricardo, keeper claims the ball comfortably

`45+1: Half-time whistle


`46: Jevtovic, Jovic, Zivkovic and Holender in for Menig, Jojic, Urosevic and Pavlovic

`46: Lutovac moves to left-back position, Zivkovic takes over the right flank

`46: Cross from Zivkovic, header from Ricardo wide

`48: Edge of the box shot from Holender, comfortable save from Vasiljevic

`50: Stevanovic in for injured Marjanovic

`51: Stevanovic (unsportmanlike conduct) booked

`57: Markovic hits the crossbar with his shot but the referee signals foul on Napredak player in the process

`58: Melunovic booked

`60: Jovic wins shooting position inside the box but sends the ball wide

`61: Milovanovic in for Markovic

`61: Neat cross from Ricardo, Milovanovic heads the ball from close range just wide

`68: Visitors do their best in time-wasting department now

`70: Ivanic in for Djurickovic

`75: 20m shot from Melunovic comfortably saved by Stevanovic

`76: Ricardo goes down in the box, referee waves it away, Partizan wins corner-kick only

`79: Dzuguric, Mladenovic and Kunic in for Kocic, Jovanovic and Melunovic

`81: Napredak hits the post but there was offside position in the process

`83: Edge of the box shot from Lutovac just over the bar

`84: Cross from Zivkovic, keeper drops the ball but Partizan players failed to seize on this blunder

`88: Set-piece cross from Zivkovic cleared out of the danger

`89: Difficult shot from Ricardo easily saved by the keeper

`90: A touch too much in the visitor`s box, shooting opportunity wasted

`90: Seven mins added time

`90+1: Clear-cut opportunity for Milovanovic!! Holender crossed it into the 6-yard box for young Partizan forward whose close range header got brilliantly saved by the keeper

`90+4: Ricardo hits the outside netting with his angled shot

`90+4: Vasiljevic (time-wasting) booked

`90+5: Poor 15m shot from Zivkovic wide

`90+8: Jevtovic (unsprtmanlike conduct) booked


Partizan boss Aleksandar Stanojevic after the game:

-It`s quite unpleasant to lose like this. It`s a fact Feyenoord is a much better side and this was our the best we could do at the moment. They are on a higher level and everything is pretty much clear regarding this tie.

We have a league game soon and it`s on us to try and pick up, we`ll see if we are good enough to do that.

We were good in all departments before this game but it`s either that we were poor tonight or Feyenoord is a really good side. They were dangerous in first half too, reaching our box with ease, making a lots of opportunities. It`s hard to defend when you have an opponent with total of 20 shots. We conceded second goal soon after we scored our second and it was hard to pick up.



Partizan boss Aleksandar Stanojevic after the game: -This is an expensive drop of two points and we are disappointed with what happened today. We didn`t pick up after one tough midweek European encounter, we failed to do so and this is what it is.

Partizan boss Aleksandar Stanojevic after the game:

-This is an expensive drop of two points and we are disappointed with what happened today. We didn`t pick up after one tough midweek European encounter, we failed to do so and this is what it is.

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