Match protocol

Linglong Tire Serbian Super Liga, round 12

Krusevac, October 3

Venue: Mladost Stadium

Kick-off time: 4pm CET

Referee: Nenad Minakovic

Yellow cards: S Jovanovic, Marjanovic, Tomic (NAP) – Pantic, Urosevic, Ricardo, Zdjelar (PAR)

Red cards: Cukovic (NAP) – Urosevic (PAR)

GOALS: 0-1 `13 Ricardo (p)



Vasiljevic, S Jovanovic, Mrsic, Cukovic, Tomic, Raskovic, D Jovanovic (`86 Stevanovic), Marjanovic, Spremo, Bacanin (`70 Djurickovic)


Stevanovic, Miljkovic, Vujacic, Miletic, Urosevic, Zdjelar, Scekic, Markovic (`57 Obradovic), Pantic (`HT Natcho), Jovic (`57 Terzic), Ricardo


`4: Shot from Cukovic saved by Stevanovic

`5: Cross from Jovic, Partizan wins corner-kick

`8: PENALTY-KICK!! Partizan awarded penalty-kick after foul on Ricardo inside 6-yard box

`8: RED CARD!! Cukovic sent-off as a result of his misconduct leading to penalty decision

`10: PENALTY MISSED!! Ricardo`s shot from the spot saved

`11:PENALTY-KICK TO BE REPEATED!! Napredak goalie came out off the line too early

`11: S Jovanovic booked

`12: 0-1, PARTIZAN!! Ricardo scores from the spot from his second attempt

`16: Shot from Spremo just wide off the right post

`20: Man-up, Partizan controls the proceedings now

`22: Zdjelar for Pantic followed by left-footed drive onto the outside netting

`26: Ricardo overruns Mrsic and wins a foul

`27: Cross onto the far post from Pantic, Napredak wins goal-kick

`31: Pantic booked

`35: Long range attempt from Spremo and comfortable save from Stevanovic

`36: Passing attempt from Jovic over to Ricardo blocked

`37: Fine shot from Raskovic and another save from Stevanovic

`37: Spremo hits the wall of players from his free-kick attempt

`41: Urosevic booked

`43: Fine ball from Markovic, Napredak keeper quicker to the ball than Jovic

`44: 20m shot from Pantic well wide

`45: Urosevic had only keeper to beat but failed to do so

`45: Two mins added time

`45+2: Half-time whistle


`46: Natcho in for Pantic

`47: Dummy move from Jovic but his shot got blocked

`47: Solo run and shot from Markovic, save from Vasiljevic for a Partizan corner-kick

`48: Natcho swings in a cross from the resulting corner-kick, Miletic heads it over the bar

`51: Napredak cross, Miletic failed to clear it, Partizan saved by an attacking foul inside the 6-yard box

`54: SENDING-OFF!! Second caution and sending-off for Urosevic

`55: Free-kick shot from Marjanovic over the bar

`57: Terzic and Obradovic in for Jovic and Markovic

`66: Long ball forward from Marjanovic, Obradovic does well to prevent the threat

`67: Spremo for Bacanin, alerted Stevanovic comes out and claims the ball

`69: Djurickovic in for Bacanin

`71: Ricardo booked

`72: Tomic booked

`78: Zdjelar shots over the bar

`81: Ricardo hesitated with his pass for Terzic, passing it to Natcho eventually and the opportunity was wasted

`82: Zdjelar booked

`83: Miletic in need of a treatment after being elbowed by Marjanovic in an air tackle

`86: Stevanovic in for D Jovanovic

`89: Shot from Obradovic straight into the path of the keeper

`90: Three mins added time

`90+3: Final whistle