Serbian Super League, round 2

Surdulica, 29th of July 2018

Venue: Gradski Stadium

Att: 2000

Kick-off time: 7pm CET

Referee: Novica Andjelovski

Yellow cards: Vukajlovic, N Djuric, Suraka (DIN) – Ozegovic, Kosovic, Jankovic (PAR)

Red cards: N Djuric (DIN)

GOALS: 0-1 `82 Ozegovic



U Djuric, Onimisi, Antic (`59 Pavisic), Dimitrov, N Djuric, Lalatovic (`27 Stankovic), Nedeljkovic, Sicovic, Suraka, Tasic (`71 Radivojevic), Vukajlovic


Kljajic, Vulicevic, NR Miletic, Valiente, NG Miletic, Zdjelar, Pantic (`63 Ilic), Kosovic (`73 Soumah), Jankovic (`86 Djerlek), Ozegovic, Ricardo

Game stats:

DINAMO                         PARTIZAN

38%            Possession             62%

3                  Total shots            20

3                   On target              11

0                   Off target                9

16                 Free-kicks              25

3                  Corner-kicks           14

21                 Throws                 31

10                    Saves                   3




`7: Ozegovic blocked in a 6-yard box before shooting opportunity

`11: Left side set-piece from Pantic and successful offside trap from Dinamo players

`14: Zdjelar`s flick into the box, bicycle-kick from Jankovic wide

`15: Ricardo kept possession in the box followed by return ball and 18m outside-foot shot from Ozegovic wide

`20: Cross from Vulicevic and not the best of headers from Ozegovic for a keeper`s comfortable save

`21: Right side set-piece from Jankovic, NG Miletic heads it back for Valiente followed by poor close range attempt from Spaniard

`23: Long range blast from NR Miletic, punching save from the keeper, Ricardo`s shot blocked on the rebound

`25:Dangerous break from Suraka but he was waved offside

`27: Stankovic in for Lalatovic (injury)

`29: Vukajlovic cautioned

`30: Dinamo corner-kick and a bit of a trouble for Partizan defence, just another corner for Dinamo eventually

`33: Angled low shot from NG Miletic wide

`35: Cross from Zdjelar, defensive clearance and 15m shot from Pantic blocked for a Partizan corner-kick

`36: Far post angled left-footed shot way over the bar from Zdjelar

`41: Neat edge of the box curler from Kosovic just wide

`44: Sliding tackle and 18m low shot from NG Miletic just wide

`45: Three mins added time

`45+1: 18m left-footed drive from Ozegovic wide

`45+2: NG Miletic in need of a treatment

`45+4: Half-time whistle


`49: N Djuric cautioned (late tackle)

`56: Suraka Cautioned

`57: Ozegovic cautioned

`57: RED CARD!! Second caution and sending-off for N Djuric

`59: Jankovic`s set-piece cross, back-header from NR Miletic and left-footed close range volley from Ozegovic wide

`59: Pavisic in for Antic

`62: Poor left-footed left side cross from Pantic

`63: Angled 10m low shot from Ozegovic saved by the keeper on the near post for a Partizan corner-kick

`63: Ilic in for Pantic

`64: Dinamo keeper in need of a treatment

`66: Long range strike from Nedeljkovic dealt by Kljajic

`66: Weak attempt from Ozegovic inside the box

`67: Turning 12m left-footed shot from Ricardo and comfortable save from Dinamo keeper

`70: Edge of the box drive from Jankovic saved by the keeper and cleared for a Partizan corner-kick

`71: Radivojevic in for Tasic (injury)

`73: Soumah in for Kosovic

`75: Big miss from Ilic followed by a 20m blast from Zdjelar but crossbar comes to Dinamo rescue

`75: It appears there was a handball in the box from Dinamo player but no reaction from the ref

`77: Kosovic cautioned for the comment off the bench

`80: Jankovic cautioned for a dive in the box

`81: Clear-cut opportunity for Ricardo after Ilic`s pass, he saw his shot saved

`82: 0-1, PARTIZAN!! Cross from NR Miletic and far post close range volley into the net from unmarked Ozegovic

`84: 20m low shot from Soumah saved by the keeper

`86: Djerlek in for Jankovic

90: 20m shot from Onimisi saved by Kljajic

`90: Five mins added time

`90+1: Left side of the box close range attempt from Soumah blocked for a corner-kick

`90+2: Djerlek`s attempt to find Ozegovic in the box cleared

`90+3: Long ball from NR Miletic into the box for charging Ozegovic who fell down on the ground after a bit of a kick from Dinamo defender but ref waved it away

`90+5: Final whistle


We had lots of opportunities from the go and it`s unbelievable how we missed them all. We finally scored towards the end but never had a comfortable win. I hope this result will influence player`s confidence and make them play better in the future.



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