Season is almost over with just one more league game to go. Partizan is now just one point far from winning the title, after win in Nis secured by brace from Djurdjevic and opener from Leonardo.

Djurdjevic and Leonardo spoke to Partizan website after Radnicki game.

– It was all about positive energy and winning desire prior to the game. It was unusual not to have boss Nikolic by the dugout but we proved our mental strenght and showed we can deal with all the outside pressure. This win is for our coach too as he foresaw lots of things while creating this winning mosaic. Of course, pressure is a normal thing when you battle for the title. I actually enjoy playing when tension is around. I have no problem to deal with such pressure games, especially those who get you closer to the title, says Đurđević.

Incredible support from Partizan fans away in Nis.

– We have phenomenal support for a while now. It was incredible tonight as chants were coming from various stands and all the way through. When you have such a boost you give your hundred percent and more. This is why you play football as well – full stands, hell of a support, more than motivated opponent and a win. I`m over the moon now. As ever, I had support from my father and his mates, who watch all the games I play.

Partizan is so close to winning the title now.

– I`m not going to be euphoric until we officially win the title. Boss always says that only our fans have a right to be euphoric and joyful. That`s how you create a positive climate. We have to recover for Sunday`s game and be focused on Mladost. They have an excellent coach who knows what he is after. They will not be burdened as they secured EL qualifiers so we have to be very cautious. It`s so hard to win games everyone thinks you`re going to win. Without a doubt, our coaching team will do their part of the job and create winning tactics for that game. Coaching assistant Smijanic did a phenomenal job tonight, led the team calmly. Nikolic and Smiljanic are a great coaching duo. Actually, our coaching staff is so united and that reflects on the team, atmosphere around and results over all. Whoever is fielded, we keep winning. Some had fears as Ostojic was sidelined but Cirkovic did phenomenal job – it`s another proof that we have a great team. Our streak is still on and we`ll do our best to keep it going.


– First of all, I`d like to thank Partizan fans on phenomenal support. Stands were full of our fans as if we played at home. We knew this game was going to be tough and this is one big step closer to the title. Boss prepared us for this match really good and now we are so delighted with the outcome. I scored the opener followed by brace from Djurdjevic who finished the opponent`s off. We are so happy now! But, there one more game to go and I hope full celebration are ahead of us. Still, we have to be careful and cool-headed, as boss would say. We have to forget this game and turn to Mladost encounter now.

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