Partizan skipper Slobodan Urosevic made his 200th appearance for the club in a last night`s final game of the 2022/23 season played against Vozdovac.

29-year-old left-back joined Partizan in 2018 and made his jubilee appearance in a day Partizan U-19`s and U-17`s won their respective youth titles.

“First of all, I`d like to congratulate our youth teams on trophies won – they are our future! I hope they`ll keep adding trophies to the club` cabinet. As for my 200th appearance, I`m very much pleased and happy to reach such numbers, proud to battle for black-and-white colours all these years”, said Urosevic.

He joined Partizan Club 200 alongside Vladimir Smiljanic, Milan Lola Smiljanic and Miroslav Vulicevic.

“They are all legends! We know how much they did for the club and how lengthy their Partizan careers were. I`m here for almost six years, it`s a long time, and it happened I just made my 200th appearance in a final game of the season. I hope there`s more games for me here”.

Urosevic also summed up the season behind us.

“When the season starts, we know what our targets and ambitions are. We were not that bad early in the season as we played a good opening game but it was followed by a setback. It was turbulent – we would get a result and then waste it all next time around. We dropped a lot of points in the second part of the season and no one but us found it harder – we are wearing this shirt actually. I fully understand fans are not pleased but we are the once feeling the guilt more than anyone else. Table position we are in is not something we deserved but that`s life, that`s football game.

We can only promise we`ll keep battling, doing our best not to repeat such poor season.

There was lot of talks about constant pressure that comes with it, even the more experienced players who played abroad can confirm how huge it was.

Drop in form came in a worst possible moment. When we started picking up, it was too late to fix things. It`s hard playing here but it`s beautiful at the same time. To play for Partizan, you have to learn to battle with pressure”, said Slobodan Urosevic.

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