First Partizan signing of the summer transfer window is centre-back Sinisa Sanicanin, formerly of Vojvodina. 26-year old Bosnian international signed a three-year deal.

“The opening of summer transfer window is marked by my arrival to Partizan and I`m so glad I did this. I didn`t have doubts between going abroad or signing for Partizan, especially seeing determination of coach Stanojevic to bring me in” – said Sanicanin upon signing.

“Partizan is truly a big club and you don`t get such offers in your life too often. Therefore, I found it hard to decline the offer and great desire and professionalism of people in the club made it easier for me to make a decision. Finally, I spoke to people I work with and with my family, we all made a conclusion this would the best move of my career so far. Playing for Partizan can also be a great springboard for best league in Europe and around the world”.

During his Vojvodina spell, Sanicanin played against Partizan on numerous occasions, met with playing style nourished by Partizan boss Stanojevic and learned about Partizan centre-back pairing Vujacic and Svetozar Markovic.

“I played a lot against Partizan. As for Aleksandar Stanojevic, I have only words of praise for him. Since his arrival, Partizan plays modern, attacking and aggressive football. Everyone knows their duties around the field. As for Vujacic and Markovic, I can`t fault their play, they really looked good this season. I can only congratulate them on a fine performances over the course of the season” – said Sanicanin.

Saninanin will replace Svetozar Markovic whose loan spell with Partizan expired but new Partizan signing has no habit of comparing himself to other players.

“It`s kind of a tradition to compare player who departed with a new arrival. I don`t like to talk about myself, to say I`m better or worse compared to other players. I love to work on the field, to deserve good comments from fans. I hope I`ll meet the expectations, that everyone can see who I am, what I`m made of and what qualities I have. I play left-sided centre-back and I`ll say it again –  I`m not going to compare myself with anyone, I want to show who I am on the field”.

Sanicanin left Bosnia and Hercegovina national team camp to sign the contract with Partizan, so he missed a friendly against Montenegro.

“I left national team camp as this is a great step forward in my life and career, both for me and my family. I didn`t want to risk anything and after talking to national team coach Petev, he agreed with my departure as these are friendlies only, I`d like to thank Petev for being cool about it. But, if these were national team qualifiers, I would never leave. Thanks to everyone from the Bosnian FA as they didn`t see this as a problem at all. Bosnia managed a draw against Montenegro of Vujacic and Scekic today and that was a fair draw. I`ll do my best to return to national team but it all depends on my medicals and club promotion” – said Sanicanin.

While in Vojvodina, Sanicanin played with former Partizan player Bojan Matic.

“I know Ostojic from current Partizan roster. I don`t know other players in person but we all know each other from the games we played. I spoke to Matic and he told me all the best things about Partizan and how I surely didn`t make a mistake coming here” – said Sanicanin.

He won last season`s cup trophy with Vojvodina, beating Partizan in a final.

“We won the cup last year and it was a great honour for me to win it against such big rival. I have a desire to win a double with Partizan now and I hope we`ll manage it all with our joint effort. If I wasn`t ready for pressure, I would not make this move.  I would go abroad where nobody knows me and handled it much easier. I`m ready and I eagerly await to handle the pressure here. Partizan is a big club with great fans and I cannot wait to come out and enjoy together with our supporters. I`ll take number 4 as that number is free to use. So far, I was number 5 but I`m not too much into numbers, have no special reason to wear any shirt number. It`s not about the numbers, it`s about effort and battling spirit” – said Sinisa Sanicanin in his first Partizan interview.

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