Montenegrin international Aleksandar Scekic returned to Partizan for his second spell with club. We spoke to 31-year-old defensive midfielder upon his return.

“As the fans know, I`ll do everything I possibly can here. Also, my duty and my goal is to help youngsters enter the senior team and to guide them with other teammates to take the right path once there”, said Scekic.

It`s been more than year-and-a-half since Scekic played his last game for Partizan but he had no doubts once the offer for his return came by.

“I had greatest desire and motivation when I played for Partizan, it`s no different now. As soon I received a call from Partizan executives I accepted the offer and asked for contract termination in Israel, to my detriment, only to come back here. I have highest possible motivation, desire and will to prove myself, to battle on the pitch for this shirt. Finally, it all gives you a desire to try and win a trophy with this team”.

Scekic could pair up with Kristijan Belic in defensive midfield this season.

“Kristijan is a young player. I watched all Partizan matches last season and I like him, he`s aggressive and I`ll be there, as more experienced player next to him, to give him some advice, to help him. On the other hand, he`ll help me as well”.

What`s different compared to your first arrival to Partizan?

“When I first got here we had a poor spell, with lots of ups and downs and we finished third in the final standings. I was there for that tough period. Now, I`m back when things are not great once again. It might not be all football related, we need to have good atmosphere and to socialize more off the pitch – that`s essential if you want to improve”.

In between these two spell with Partizan, you spent your career in Poland, Emirates and Israel. How would you describe those three countries?

“Out of three and in football terms, Poland was the best. Emirates and Israel are not as professional as I would want it to be. That`s another reason I left”.

What really connects and motivates you here at Partizan?

“Everything! Training centre, dressing room, football ground, walking out of the tunnel and I simply cannot wait for next training session or game. Moreover, lots of players joined us from youths and we have to be patient with them but our aims are always of highest level”.

How helpful is your Montengro national team experience you had in between two spells with Partizan?

“Experience playing for your national team and against other national teams gives you more confidence and experience, it helps a lot”.

Finally, Scekic had a special wish regarding Partizan.

“My desire is to hang my boots as Partizan player and I hope I`ll do it”.

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