Now-former Partizan boss Savo Milosevic made a statement following his departure:

-First of all, I`d like to thank FK Partizan President Milorad Vucelic, General Director Milos Vazura, Vice-President Vladimir Vuletic, Sports Director Ivica Iliev and all club employees for an opportunity to work at Partizan and for more than fair private and work relations I enjoyed from the day one.

I`d also like to thank them for everything they`ve done for me and for all their support during my reign.

I`m extremely grateful to all Partizan players on everything they`ve done for me, my coaching team and for the club. Regardless of all declines, I believe we managed to achieve lots of good things despite tough circumstances.

Huge thanks goes to Partizan fans too – they suffered a lot in these extremely tough circumstances but they gave me and the team full support all the time.

This year-and-a-half worth experience at Partizan is incredible and priceless. People usually pay to have such experience while I had a privilege to be paid for it. That`s another thing I`d like to thank Partizan management for – opportunity to work in the club in such troubles times, as you truly learn in such circumstances.

As for my decision to resign, I believe I cannot get more than I did from this team. Therefore, I believe it`s absolutely fair towards everyone – club, fans, all employees and team – to move away. This is not a revolt decision made overnight, this is something I looked into for the last 30 days. You know I never looked for excuses or pointed out at anyone besides myself, therefore I thought it would be really fair to take the responsibility myself and leave, as soon as I realized we cannot battle for targets I set at the beginning of the season.

Last weekend`s game against Vojvodina and my reaction to ref`s decision is something I`m ashamed of and adds to my decision to stop working at Partizan. These are not my manners and that`s not how one coach of big club should behave. I`d like to apologize everyone who`s part of Serbian football scene as we are all supposed to show positive example to kids and all involved.

I wish FK Partizan all the best!

I`m back to Partizan die-hards, something I always was, and I`m sure our club will get through this as it did many times before…This club suffered a lot in recent years and I`m convinced Partizan can get through anything! I`m always available and there to help my club whatever it takes!

I also wish all the best Partizan new boss Aleksandar Stanojevic! We are friends since the age of 16 and I`m sure he is one of the few around who can pick this up and make it work.







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