Former Partizan player, 45-old-old Savo Milosevic, took over Partizan coaching post after unanimous FK Partizan board decision.

As a player, Milosevic arrived to Partizan in 1989 and after a six-year spell at the club he signed to Aston Villa followed by moves to Zaragoza, Parma, Espanyol, Celta, Osasuna and Rubin Kazan. He made 219 apps for Partizan and scored staggering 191 goals. Milosevic also played for Yugoslav national team, scoring 37 goals over 102 appearances.

Savo Milosevic upon signing:

-I have to admit I haven`t seen so many media representatives at once and I thank you for such attention. But, I never had any stage frights and I guess it`s down to Bosnian stubbornness.

I would also like to thank everyone at the club for allowing me to work in one of the biggest clubs around. I was always Partizan, since I arrived here as a 16-year-old and I feel like I never left the club. I will always be with Partizan. My life and my emotions are tied to this club and it`s an honour and privilege for me to work here. Due to my enormous love for the club, there`s also a huge responsibility involved. I feel great and I know what I`m about to face but I have great desire and energy to try and change things.

I thought a lot about signing now or leaving it for June, as it would seem more natural to do it after the season but I believe this time before June is very important for me to take a deep look into things, to see what we have and what we need. I would have less maneuver space later as it`s not just about signing a player but you need to blend the player in. Now we have some time to do a thorough and neat work and sing right players as we cannot allow more mistakes to happen.

Football today doesn`t recognize defensive or attacking oriented coaches. You need equal approach to all playing tasks, you need knowledge to organize team defensively or attacking-wise. I had opportunity to learn from great managers abroad but football from my playing days is so different to football today.

We will try to organize our game to surpise our opponents. It doesn`t matter how offensive our need we will be. You can play with three forwards and to look defensive on the field. System is there for the beginning of the game but it changes so many times during the match. Best coaches are those who bring the best out of their players, individually and collectively.

This team had its ups and downs over the last year or so. Some games, we looked quite good, derby matches in particular. But, there were too many games against so-called minnows this team couldn`t handle. This ups and downs say a lot to me.

I guess we have a big problem here mentally and we have to work on it over the upcoming days. A bit of a trouble may be that we have three games over the next seven days and no time to get this team ready the way we would wanted. We have to make some rushed decisions but we have to be careful not to burden players too much too quick. This is their third coaching team in short space of time and if we come out with five new demands too soon it might cause some confusion, so we have to be careful about it.

Talking about title, we have no result pressure. But, I know where I am. It`s always about wins here but club management didn`t insist on it at the moment. Partizan is expected to win and my character is such that I wouldn`t allow my 8-year-old son to win against me. I have a winning character but I have to take a look at priorities and how to leave this team`s crisis behind.  I don`t have a magic wand and football needs strategy, path and time for things to be fixed. Football is not science, there`s no guarantees whatsoever. We have a highest ambitions when it comes to domestic cup trophy but we have to be competitive in both domestic competitions, in all games we play. But, we need to get ready for the next season too, a new beginning.

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