Partizan players showed a lot of strength and desire against Besiktas yesterday but lacked a bit of lack and experience to beat mighty Turkish side.

With help of great energy coming from the stands, Partizan took the lead on 14 but Besiktas cancelled it a minute later for a final first leg 1-1 score.

Partizan boss Zoran Mirkovic stated final outcome was not positive but it does give a glimmer of hope that Partizan can go through to EL group stage. Meanwhile, we had a bit of a chat with Partizan scorer against Besiktas – Ricardo Gomes:

 – I believe we can go through, I think we can achieve positive result away to Besiktas. We know learned what kind of opposition they are, how good they are, and they learned about as too. We were not scared of their quality and matched them most of the game. That kind of performance gives a hope ahead of return leg. We`ll be without suspended Kosovic but I`m sure boss Mirkovic we`ll find sutiable solution if we need to make a bit of rotation around, says Ricardo.

What kind of a feeling it was to beat Vida and score a goal?

– Great, especially in this kind of game. I live all my life to score goals and when your opposition is someone like Vida you get a special adrenaline and confidence, something you have keep for further challenges. Besiktas is one great team with excellent individuals.

This goal goes to..?

– To my family who were there to watch me and Partizan fans who helped us get that special energy. It was an atmosphere to remember! Great support and I`m so thankful to our fans, hoping they`ll keep supporting us like this.

You had another opportunity when you managed to beat Pepe but Besiktas keeper save your shot.

– That was a really good opportunity for us to score another goal. Let`s hope we do it in Istanbul.

Zakaric presented us with a great performance and assisted to your goal.

– Great cross from Zakaric, he watched my moves in the box and he played great game overall.

Your family is in Belgrade now?

– Yeah, I like it here, it`s beautiful. My family enjoys in Belgrade every day and they said they would like to live here, they feel good in this city.

You speak Portuguese, understand English, how`s your Serbian going?

– I can speak a word or two (laughs).

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