Niš, 17.05.2017.

Venue: Čair stadium

Kick-off time: 19:00h CET

Att: 15,000

Referee: Zoran Siroki (Smederevo)

Yellow cards: Tomic (RN) – Cirkovic, Tawamba, Jevtovic, Djurickovic (PAR)

GOALS: 0-1 `55 Leonardo, 0-2 `58 Djurdjevic, 0-3 `78 Djurdjevic, 1-3 `85 D Zivkovic


RADNICKI:  Zogović, Bulatović, M Živković, Stojanović (`66 Popara), Travančić (` 72 Mrkić), Arsić, Petrović, Tomić, Jovanović (`78 D Živković), Stanković, Kojić

PARTIZAN: Stevanović, Vulićević, Ćirković, Milenković, Miletić, Jevtović, Kosović, Mihajlović (`76 Đuričković), Janković (`86 Radin), Leonardo, Đurđević (`82 Tawamba)


First half highlights:

`3: Partizan counter-attack, Leonardo plays it for Jankovic but keeper Zogovic claims the ball

`8: Keeper Zogovic drops the ball in the area, Arsic clears the ball in the 6-yard area

`21: Right side break from Mihajlovic and edge of the box shot from Jankovic wide

`24: Last gasp clearance from Jovanovic before Djurdjevic could get to the ball

`26: Corner-kick from Jankovic, Cirkovic`s header and goal-line clearance from Bulatovic

`30: Left side cross onto the far post with Kojic failing to get a proper touch

`35: Right side break and cross from Stojanovic, risky over-the-bar clearance from Vulicevic

`43: Angled set-piece from Stojanovic, clearance from Leonardo

`45: Cirkovic cautioned


Second half highlights:

`54: Cross from Miletic and not the best of headers from Leonardo

`55: 0-1, Partizan!! Brilliant brisk through pass from Jankovic, Leonardo cooly beats the keeper and sends the ball into the empty net

`58: 0-2, Partizan!! Great header pass from Leonardo for Djurdjevic who calmly lobbed Radnicki keeper

`61: Mihajlovic`s cross and first-touch shot from Leonardo just wide

`66: Popara in for Stojanovic

`70: Jevtovic cautioned

`72: Mrkic in for Travancic

`75: Tomic cautioned

`76: Djurickovic in for Mihajlovic

`76: Mrkic` shot blocked for a Radnicki corner-kick. From the resulting corner-kick, Stevanovic made a focused save from Radnicki skipper Jovanovic

`78: D Zivkovic in for Jovanovic

`78: 0-3, Partizan!! Vulicevic`s cross and sliding close range shot from Djurdjevic

`82: Tawamba in for Djurdjevic

`85: 1-3, Radnicki. Brilliant and slightly angled edge of the area shot from D Zivkovic, off the far post and into the net

`86: Radin in for Jankovic

`90+3: Final whistle

Partizan assistant coach Ljubisa Rankovic after the game:

-It was hard as we expected. We had a kind of a twitch in a first half as we have lot of young players who never played such an important game before, so we had to encourage them a bit during the break and to change few things. As usual, we played much better in the second half and deserved to win.

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