We spoke to Partizan midfielder Patrick Andade upon ending of Belek mid-season training camp.

Are these the most demanding preps you engaged in?

“It was strenuous but nothing to scary. I played in countries like Bulgaria or Azerbaijan where you train hard too, with lots of running, but that`s all to get us ready for the restart of the season”, said 29-year-old Andrade.

How would you compare summer preps with these mid-season ones?

“During summer, the emphasis was on tactics while we have more balance now. We worked on tactics but we did lots of running and other physical tasks too”

Do results in friendlies during preps matter?

“They do and they don`t. When we win we are pleased but it really matters that we did our runs and showed good energy”.

What do you expect from UEFA Europa Conference League Partizan campaign, considering you were brilliant in that competition last season? We have Sheriff to play.

“I don`t want to think about it this early. We`ll definitely try to achieve positive result in a first away leg. My miss against Koln still haunts me! I prayed to God to present me with opportunity and when I got it, I failed to score. Still, I have to continue with hard work and the opportunities will come, maybe in an even more important match, and I hope I`ll convert it then”.

Who do you have the best understanding on the field with?

“With Ricardo as we speak the same language, among other things. But, I`ll also mention Natcho, Diabate, Fejsa and Urosevic who I have a great communication with too”.

There will be a VAR technology available for the remainder of the Conference League season.

“VAR is always a good thing, it should be used but I`m not thinking about it too much. It`s on us to play as we should and the rest will come for us”.

Eternal derby game is coming up soon as well.

“Yes, but with all the difficulties we have to face, it`s 11 against 11 on the field. But, it`s not enough just winning the derby game, we have to constantly play good and win. It`s the only way we can achieve our goals”.

What`s the atmosphere within the squad like? Some say that after a week or two together in a training camp there can be a bit of a skirmish about. You had none of that this time around?

“Exactly. Off the pitch we always joke around and banter is always there after the training sessions if someone is defeated but nothing more than that. We all want to win, even during the training sessions, that`s how it should be but as a team we have a great energy and I think you`ll see it in a games ahead of us”.

How`s your relationship with the boss Petric?

“He never shouts at us, he always explains it all nicely and it`s up to us to do the tasks. I`ll be honest, that`s new to me. I never had such a calm coach during my career, a good person always there for us”, said Patrick Andrade.

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