Serbian Super League, round 27

March 16, Beograd

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Att: 2500

Kick-off time: 3pm CET

Referee: Milos Milanovic (Cuprija)

Yellow cards: NG Miletic (PAR) – Djordjevic, Marcic, Djenic, Milosevic, Otasevic (SPA)

GOALS: 1-0 `8 Ricardo (p), 1-1 `18 Denkovic, 1-2 `50 Djenic, 1-3 `90+4 Obradovic



Stojkovic – NR Miletic (`28 Sehovic), Valiente, Pavlovic, NG Miletic – Zdjelar, Scekic (`57 Kosovic), Zakaric, Pantic (`40 Tosic)– Ricardo, Nikolic


Ostojic – Tekijaski, Otasevic, Kerkez, Milosevic – Marcic, Glavcic (`90+2 Dundjerski), Tufegdzic (`67 Mladenovic), Denkovic – Djenic (`83 Djordjevic), Obradovic

Game stats:

PARTIZAN                                               SPARTAK

55%                        Possession                     45%

12                           Total shots                       8

3                               On target                        6

9                              Off target                         2

1                                  Saves                            2

8                             Corner-kicks                     3

27                             Free-kicks                      14

3                                 Offsides                         4

19                                Throws                        23



`1: NR Miletic makes his 100th appearance for FK Partizan

`4: Lovely play started by Pantic`s through pass for Zakaric followed by a return ball, charging Pantic`s shot and keeper`s save

`5: Fine angled shot from Zakaric just over the bar

`6: Zakaric threatens again, keeper makes another save

`8: PENALTY-KICK! Denkovic`s handball in the box resulted in penalty decision for Partizan

`8: 1-0, PARTIZAN!! Ricardo scored from the spot

`10: Pantic`s curler and near post attempt from Nikolic just wide

`11: 1-1, SPARTAK! Fine edge of the box low drive into the near corner of the net by Denkovic

`19: Djenic breaks on the left and sends inviting ball into the heart of the box followed by Obradovic`s blast way over the bar

`28: NR Miletic suffers hand injury, Sehovic comes in for Partizan right-back

`30: Neat return ball into the 6-yard box from Zakaric, no Partizan player to sieze on it

`33: Denkovic sends a similar shot to on from whom he equalized for Spartak earlier on, this time Stojkovic makes a save

`35: Spartak corner-kick, close range header from ghosting Denic saved by Stojkovic

`40: Tosic in for injured Pantic

`42: Djenic beats Partizan defence and sends a cross into the 6-yard box wit no Spartak player around to tap it in

`45: Four mins added time to be played

`45+4: Half-time whistle


`47: Milosevic booked

`48: Fine right side break from Tosic and heart of the box shot wide from Nikolic

`50: 1-2, SPARTAK! Ball rebounds of NG Miletic for Djenic followed by a close range shot and goal

`54: WOODWORK! Right side Spartak cross, Denkovic hits the crossbar with his header

`54: Long ball into the box from Tosic, Scekic heads it wide

`56 NG Miletic booked

`56: Djenic booked

`57: Kosovic in for Scekic

`58: Left-footed 20m drive from Sehovic saved by the keeper

`62: 18m left-footed shot from Tosic wide

`63: Angled charging shot from Zakaric just over the bar

`64: Deep pass for Ricardo who had only keeper to beat but Spartak goalie proved quicker and cleared the ball out of danger

`66: Angled 17m free-kick shot from Tosic just over the bar

`67: Mladenovic in for Tufegdzic

`68: Fine shot from NG Miletic wide

`74: Marcic booked

`79: Spartak counter-attack, edge of the box shot from Denkovic saved by Stojkovic

`82: Powerful 10m strike from Zakaric, foot save from Spartak keeper

`83: Djordjevic in for Djenic

`87: Djordjevic booked

`88: Cross into the crowded boc by NG Miletic, Valiente`s header saved by the keeper eventually

`90: Six mins added time to be played

`90+2: Otasevic booked

`90+2: Dundjerski in for Glavcic

`90+2: Nikolic chests the ball and shots over the bar

`90+4: 1-3, SPARTAK! Obradovic scored after Spartak counter-attack

`90+6: Final whistle

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