New Partizan boss Igor Duljaj featured in the latest Partizan Podcast. Former football great took over Partizan coaching post in very difficult times for the club and just days ahead of the Eternal derby game. Last Sunday, Partizan achieved first league win under Duljaj and as international break is closing in, we spoke to new boss on his early impressions upon taking over.

“It`s about fighting spirit really. During my life, I learned to battle my way through, keep it quiet and wait for the day hard work pays odd. We should all stand together, people from the club, coaches, all those who love and respect Partizan, to see what strategy is necessary for the club and what we need to battle for the top spot”, said Duljaj.

What really matters now is for Partizan to retain runners-up spot at the league and secure CL play-off qualifiers next summer.

“TSC and Cukaricki are both great clubs. TSC boss Lazetic will have a very good coaching career for sure. Of course,  every player`s dream is to play Champions League but you need to do your job in domestic league first to secure CL qualifier”.

Duljaj also talked about young Partizan players while some of them he worked with while at Partizan B Teleoptik.

“Bazdar and Ilic are talented players; they have lots of room to advance further. They have to understand this is just the first step for them. You have to talk with young players. I had days when I would play well and think I did everything needed in my career then an older player approaches me and explains how I did nothing at all. If they want to progress, youngsters have to work much more compared to others”.

Finally, Igor Duljaj had a message for Partizan fans.

“Partizan is one big family and I always waste my energy on things I cannot influence. Currently, I can influence my kids and their mates. One single supporter more means a lot! I don`t need anyone to support me personally, only this club of great tradition! Names are not that important, I`m emphasizing Partizan, a great club of big tradition”, said Igor Duljaj.

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