We spoke to number of Partizan players after the 169th Eternal Belgrade derby game and a 1-0 defeat in the hands of our bitter rivals.

Queensy Menig

“I`m disappointed, I thought we deserved more, especially in the second half. We believe we can remain at the runners-up spot at lest but we need to move forward step by step”

Ricardo Gomes

“We didn`t start the game well and conceded stupidly but we reacted later on. Unfortunately, we failed to convert any of our opportunities. This is football game for you – sometimes you deserve better result but you don`t get it”.

We looked much better in the second half but failed to convert number of opportunities.

“Ball simply didn`t want to go into the net but what can you do. It`s important we keep trying, play to our best and the results will be better”.

You were sent-off late in the game.

“I might have shown too much emotions there but I only tried to defend my team in that situation. Unforunately, I was sent-off but it might turn out for the good”.

Slobodan Urosevic

“Obviously, it`s a bad result and our opponents were better for that single goal they scored. I think we threatened them more but they went on to win and congrats to them. We have to move on and to keep fighting. I think we played a good game, much better compared to last week and I hope we`ll keep on doing this. We were not that good in the first half but now we know how we should play after the second half performance. Derby is a special story, with lot of tensions involved but we need to relax, to play our game. I hope we`ll keep playing like this and start winning”.

Second half looked like games we played against Koln or Nice but we lacked finishing touch. Can we expect more of this fine game for the remainder of the season?

“We`ll do our best. It`s important we start winning and regain confidence, the beauty of it all might have to wait. But, our performances will be better as soon as we start winning again”.

It`s also important Partizan to remain at runners-up spot for the UEFA CL play-off stage.

“I believe we`ll do it if the criteria is to be same for everyone”.

Svetozar Markovic

Do you think game would take a different path if our bitter rival didn`t score that early? Actually, in the build-up to the game, some expected Crvena Zvezda to achieve a comprehensive win.

“No one believed we were going to play like this, especially in the second half. We entered the game in a poor fashion, we couldn`t connect in the first 30 minutes. But, we gradually improved and had more possession even after the red card. Unfortunately, due to a poor start of the game and early goal conceded we lost eventually”.

Crvena Zvezda is now 16 points ahead but such margin didn`t was not obvious on the pitch. What`s your view of our bitter rivals?

“It makes no sense for me to say we are a better team and deserve more. They are 16 points ahead and it`s on us to win our remaining games and bond with the new boss. Margin is huge but our second half performance is the recipe for the future”.

It seems Partizan picked up too late?

“Of course it`s too late, no need to talk about it. Sixteen points is a huge margin but this second half performance is something we should build on”.

Lady luck wasn`t on our side as well?

“You need luck in many ways to achieve something. Although our rivals started the game in a better fashion, they were lucky to score early the way they did. We have to turn to next game in line, the one we play next Wednesday”.

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