FK Partizan President Milorad Vucelic will be at the helm of the club for five more years, as decided on FK Partizan Assembly meeting staged on Monday, 17th of January 2022.

MIlorad Vucelic addressed Assembly members after the re-election.

“Dear Assembly delegates, Partizan fans, friends and colleagues, I have a true need to thank you. This is a great honour and acknowledgment for me. Some will say this means I will just keep my seat but I have to say executive roles in this club are more like seating on an uncomfortable steel chair with added spines.

At times, this chair can be red-hot, sometimes it`s warm and sometimes it`s cold. But, greatness of Partizan gives this chair a value, whatever the chair looks like. I know most of you quite well, you`ve been here over the past seven years and I find it quite satisfying that work of our Assembly is now in accordance to all possible rules, laws and statute, without any tension we witnessed at the beginning of our first mandate. Naturally, some sort of tension is still there, but it`s aimed at the success of the club, towards championship title and winning trophies overall.

We talked about other things on previous Assembly meeting when I submitted report and addressed all our traumatic situations with open mind, everything that`s behind us now, so there`s no need to repeat myself. We had dramatic events in the past surrounding the club and I`d like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, to our players who contributed to Partizan success this season greatly and first team coach Aleksandar Stanojevic who brought peace of mind to our fans.

Statistically, we had the most successful half-season in the history of the club and I`m truly honoured by it. Out of all the ideologies that rattled this region in one way or another, two greats remain on the battlefield – one is Partizan and the other is our traditional football rival. These are the only two preferences one carries on from the day of birth until the final day.

I`m among those who support Partizan for ages, but I`m not talking about my love or desire for the club, it`s just that I`m one of the oldest ones here and my longevity as Partizan fan is undisputable. Only Curkovic and Rasovic can stand next to me regarding such longevity but they didn’t apply for the club presidency.

There`ll be lots of problems, questions and competitions, but I hope we will be successful and add ourselves to great and honourable history of Partizan. If I keep going, I`ll be overtaken by emotions, so I`d really like to thank you on this re-election and believe me when I say it`s a great honour for me”.

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