Partizan won Novi Pazar 1-0 at home in a final SSL Gameweek ahead of the WC and winter break. Our team finished first part of the season as a SSL runner-up.

Young sub Nemanja Jovic scored the only goal of the game 20 mins from time and we spoke to 20-year old winger after the match.

“Game was extremely tough, Novi Pazar is a good side and we knew who we are facing preparing for this encounter. It was a demanding game but, most importantly, we showed quality and I scored as a result of teamwork”, said Jovic.

Terzic picked up an injury on yesterday`s training session, Traore during the warm-up and Ricardo during the game. It seems congested fixture list reflected on your fatigue levels?

“We had too many games really, both European and domestic, and fatigue caught up with us. I`m gutted three more players picked up injuries but it`s goods we have a long break now. But, we won this game and that`s what matters. Let`s have a bit of a break followed by mid-season preps and restart of the season”.

Goal you scored was is equally important for Partizan and yourself personally. You were sidelined due to an injury and upon returing you find it hard to get back into the starting line-up.

“Expectations were high as I proved I can do the job but injuries slowed me down a bit. I never gave up, trained hard waiting for my opportunity and I seized it today. I felt bigger pressure earlier in the career as I was younger. Now, I matured and I`m aware of everything around me. So, I`ll keep training and fighting for this club”.

Are you going on holiday somewhere during the break?

“I`ll visit my family in Bosnia to get some rest. I need a break but I cannot wait for season to restart”.

You`ll have your first mid-season preps with coach Petric and we hope for improvements.

“Yes, I absolutely cannot wait for this to happen”.

Who texted you first after the game?

“My family and I thank them for everything. They are always there for me. This goal is for them and I cannot wait to see them”, said Nemanja Jovic.

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