Partizan started 2023/24 season with a six-goal thriller away to TSC.

Unfortunately, hosts scored the equalizer deep into injury time to make it 3-3 full-time score.

Goals for Partizan were scored by Natcho (`40), Belic (`43) and Saldanha (`79).


We spoke to Bibars Natcho after the game:

“We knew we are playing against one good team. Early in the game, they exploited our weakness but we found our pace later on and played our game.

I`m happy for the goal scored and assist I made. Of course, I`m gutted for the penalty I missed but that`s football. We should be proud about good things we did, to try and get even better and keep it going like this next time around.

We have new players who will surely help us but we need to be patiet as they need time to adapt.

We are Partizan and we have to battle for the top spot all the time but we`ve already seen how hard it`s going to be when you battle against everyone”, said Natcho.


Keeper Stevanovic was disappointed with a final score.

“Praise to all our players! We showed how you battle for the Partizan shirt. This team is written off before the season but this team can show so much more. This was a true classic with lots of pace, runs and tactical maneuvers. Praise goes to TSC players too but, to be honest, we were supposed to win this one but I`m sure we`ll have more luck in future. I also hope we`ll have a better ref decisions in the future as this tonight was scandalous!

We are all disappointed but at least we know what we are fighting against. Our message is that we are going to be even stronger after this, we are not going to drop our heads down, although many would like to us defeated.

I wouldn`t go too much into my penalty save, coach Pantic and myself did good penalty scouting of TSC players. I almost saved the first one; luckily I did save the second. Eventually, it wasn`t enough for a win as we conceded on 97, two mins after the allocated five minutes added time.

What can you do, that football for you. But, this is the game principle we must stick with and I`m glad fans recognized it. Although we played a draw, we got words of praise and support from them and this will mean a lot to us in the future. They will be our 12th player as we play against 12 players anyway”, said Stevanovic, with a bit of bitterness involved.

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