Serbian Super League, round 18

Lucani, November 2

Venue: Mladost Stadium

Att: 1500

Kick-off time: 3.30pm CET

Referee: Igor Stojiljkovic (Zemun)

Yellow cards: Odita (ML) – Urosevic (PAR)

Red rars: Urosevic (PAR)

GOALS: 1-0 `83 Pavlovic, 1-1 `90+2 Ivanovic


MLADOST: Rosic, Sindjic, Pejovic, Pesic, Odita, Radivojevic (`89 Jevremovic), Andric, Tumbasevic, Lekovic, P Jovanovic, L Jovanovic (`69 Pavlovic)

PARTIZAN: Stojkovic, NR Miletic, Markovic, Valiente, Urosevic, Zdjelar, Scekic (`86 Kosovic), Pantic (`67 Ivanovic), Zakaric (`80 Tosic), Nikolic, Ricardo

Game stats:

MLADOST                                       PARTIZAN

42%                     Possession                   58%

9                           Total shots                   11

3                            On target                      6

6                            Off target                      5

5                               Saves                          2

0                          Corner-kicks                   6

3                             Offsides                        0

23                              Fouls                        14


`1: Due to weather conditions, pitch surface is quite waterlogged in parts

`11: Dangerous 20m low drive towards the corner of the net from Pejovic, Stojkovic makes initial save followed by Odita`s shot and another save from Partizan keeper

`15: Pantic plays it for Ricardo followed by a cross and charging header from Nikolic over the bar

`15: 17m low shot from Odita no trouble for Partizan keeper

`17: long range charging shot from Zakaric over the bar

`29: Sharp flank cross from Odita onto the near post, Stojkovic managed to punch the ball away

`35: Nothing came out of Pantic`s corner-kick into the crowded box

`36: Individual break from Ricardo, edge of the box shot saved by the keeper

`45: Half-time whistle


`46: Odita cautioned

`50: Flank ball into the 6-yard box, charging Odita`s shot blocked by Zdjelar

`51: Urosevic cautioned

`57: Edge of the area attempt from Tumbasevic wide

`58: Flank curler from Zakaric, keeper Rosic clears the danger

`62: 18m low drive from Lekovic wide

`64: Ricardo steals possession but hesitated to play the ball for Nikolic enough for keeper Rosic to claim the ball

`67: Ivanovic in for Pantic

`67: Nice interception and dummy from NR Miletic but his great shot was met by equally fine save from Rosic, Zakaric plays it for Nikolic on the rebound whose header was saved by another great reaction from Mladost keeper

`69: Pavlovic in for L Jovanovic

`79: Zakaric`s edge of the box shot blocked

`80: Tosic in for Zakaric

`82: Lots of time-wasting from Mladost player now

`83: 1-0, MLADOST! Deep ball forward forPavlovic who beat Nr Miletic and Markovic to score

`84: Edge of the box shot from Ricardo saved by Rosic

`86: Right side cross from Tosic and Ricardo`s header over the bar

`86: Kosovic in for Scekic

`89: Jevremovic in for Radivojevic

`90: Edge of the box angled drive from sub Jevremovic just wide

`90: Five mins added time to be played

`90+2: 1-1, PARTIZAN!! Great individual play from Tosic and 15m shot saved by the keeper, Ivanovic scores on the rebound

`90+4: SENDING OFF! Second caution and sending-off for Urosevic

`90+7: Final whistle

Partizan boss Zoran Mirkovic after the game:

– As expected , this was one tough and demanding game. We controlled the proceedings in the first half but conceded dubious goal late in the second half. We managed to salvage a point in the stoppage time but I`m really lost for words now.

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