Partizan General Director Milos Vazura spoke to Partizan website after the Sochi game:

“First of all, weather conditions were so hard. You couldn`t feel it watching it on TV, incredible humidity. We couldn`t breathe on the stands, you can just imagine how it was for players down there. Praise to the boys for their endurance, not to mention the clear injustice they suffered. We can only hope it was just a mistake. There were more dubious decisions but we hope there`ll be no more of it. We played a good game, well done boys!

“We have Novi Pazar away and Sochi return leg. We`d like to invite our fans to show up in great numbers as their support will be needed. Sochi is a good team, we`ve seen how good they are today. They have a big budget as well. But, we expect good news in Belgrade”, said Milos Vazura.

Partizan Stadium is allowed only 50% of capacity to be full again?

“Yes it is. We expect sold out 50% capacity”.

Are you working on more newcomers now or you will wait for the Sochi tie to finish?

“One player was supposed to arrive before the Sochi game but the deal fell through. Unfortunately, club we negotiated with had two injuries on a position player we sought out for played at and they were not able to allow him to make a move. Since we didn`t sign a player before Sochi tie, we cannot register anyone now so we stopped for moment and we`ll see what the future brings.

We are intensively searching. Unfortunately, we were not able to sign players we wanted early in the transfer window. Now, we want to get adequate signings, not to bring anyone in just for the sake of it.

As you know, we rarely miss with foreign players and we want good signing in that department. Ivica Iliev and Ivica Kralj work on it along with the coaching team. I expect them to finish the job by the end of the summer transfer window if there are adequate signings out there”.

What kind of return leg game you expect?

“Unfortunately, Sochi took the lead from the dubious penalty decision. It will be another tough game in Belgrade, for sure. I expect 90 minute battle but with the support of our fans I believe it will all look much better for us”, said Milos Vazura.


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