FK Partizan General Director Milos Vazura spoke to journalists straight after the official start of the pre-season. Partizan executive revealed club is negotiating seven possible transfers, including former Eupen player Julien Ngoy.

“Last year, we were ready to pay full Ngoy`s transfer and now he`s a free player. It might sound strange, but it was easier to negotiate when he was tied to a contract. Now, he`s got other offers but we are in touch and we want to sing him. That`s all I can say. Such a wanted player weights his options”, said Vazura.

Partizan General Director spoke about other transfer plans.

“We will sign two or three foreign players; Sporting Director Ivica Iliev is negotiating it now. Moreover, we will sign number of domestic players. Summer transfer window is in the early stage but we have to start our pre-season. We will try to solve burning issues and we have negotiations with four domestic and three foreign players. There will be lots of changes, we expect quite a few departures and arrivals”.

As for departures, it`s expected all Partizan players whose contracts have expired to leave.

“There`s quite a few of them, we thanked them for their service and we now want to refresh the team with new coach at the helm. We`ll have a clear picture before squad departs for Slovenia pre-season camp”.

Milos Vazura underlined Partizan cannot compete with bitter rivals Crvena Zvezda when it comes to financial transfer abilities.

“Unfortunately, we cannot pay even close to 4 mil they are able to but we search for players in a different way. We have our budget and our foreign signings prove we do a good job. When it comes to domestic players, our bitter rivals can offer more and that`s crucial for such players. They snatched few players before our eyes”.

Partizan General Director also said there are no financial troubles at the club.

“Financial situation is under control, we achieved bonus fee on Sadiq and we enter the calm seas ahead of the new season, we don`t have to sell players we don`t want to just to keep afloat, it`s been our politics for some time now. Money is not the priority, it`s more about where our player will go. Just look at Vlahovic”, said Milos Vazura.

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