FK Partizan General Director Milos Vazura spoke to club website on current topics, starting from fantastic Koln away win.

-Historic win in Cologne. We played brave and shocked the opponent. Full praise goes to Gordan Petric on his courage. Players trust him, he managed to relax them and all that led to good results”, said Milos Vazura.

General Director underlined no one believed Partizan would top respective UEFA ECL group, considering Koln`s budget is 60 mil Euros and Nice`s, 200 mil Euros. Moreover, no one could believe Serbia will have two representatives in UEFA Champions League but that is reality next season and something we should preserve for as long as possible.

Some were quick to comment Partizna players perform with quality domestically but they block in European competitions. Milos Vazura replies:

-Natcho`s level of performance is great, he`s a serious player, team leader and captain, Petric`s work style suits him. Ricardo had that assist for Andrade late in the Koln game. We spoke to coaches and they said demands are different in more demanding matches. Therefore, Ricardo is more of an important team player and you might not see it statistics-wise but what matters is that we have a good result by the end of the game”, said Vazura.

Partizan players didn`t seem fazed by 47,000 fanatical Koln fans and managed to take all three points home. But, the same opponents arrive to Belgrade on Thursday (6.45pm CET kick-off) and it seems it`s time Partizan Stadium stands get packed.

-I want to underline we accept any kind of criticism, we try to be better and do our job the best we can. Petric is doing incredible job, players should their quality and they need support. Last Thursday was just the first half, players need boost for another great achievement against extremely strong rival. We`ll have lots of young ones at the Kid`s stand, we are teaching kids how to love the club”.

Milos Vazura is clear about club`s objectives for this season.

-I see Partizan as champions at the end of the domestic league race. We are waiting for our bitter rival`s blunder and if that happens, Eternal derby games will be deciders. On a financial front, things are regular, wages are there, we play Europe and I personally find myself responsible for our financial targets. I`m ready to depart if we do not achieve our economical objectives”, said Milos Vazura.

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