FK Partizan General Director Milos Vazura spoke to media reps during Zepter Hotel festive reception organized by the club, summing up arguably the most successful half-season in the FK Partizan history as well as partly revealing club`s future plans.

“We finished first part of the season five points ahead of the second-placed, qualified for the next round of UEFA Conference League and we are still part of the Serbian Cup. Therefore, we achieved all targets we set this year. Being top of the league, we are favourites to win the title and everything is up to us now. I think that`s fair to say. Anyone who says any different has no good intentions or favours some other club. It`s been seven years since we picked up half-season honours and you`ve seen the joy of our fans at the final game before winter break. Massive praise goes to coach Stanojevic and his coaching team. Their work is incredible, you can see Stanojevic`s print on the pitch. We are all very pleased, team included. We also managed to keep players happy and you can see that on the field too. All down to our coach who is 300% devoted to his work”, said Milos Vazura.

Partizan General Director also spoke about upcoming winter transfer window.

“There will be no significant changes, it all depends on departures. I`ve seen some names in the media but that`s all far from true. Most of the mentioned players have never been an option. We have offers for our players and there are ongoing negotiations. In the toughest of times, Partizan was able to make sales. However, we are fighting for the title and there`ll be no huge roster changes. Some offers will be declined as we want to keep this team around”.

We heard from FK Partizan Sports Director Ivica Iliev as well:

-For us, transfer window is 365 days a year, we constantly on the lookout for new arrivals, being it winter or summer. Winter transfer window is tough with not as many players available as in June but we search for the players we need. We were close to sign a forward suitable for our standards and desires but over the last month we witnessed true football fireworks of our youngster Marko Milovanovic. Partizan youth academy is our priority and Marko is another one to make a break. We will go for foreign newcomer only if we don`t have a suitable solution within our youth ranks. That`s why we stopped the deal coming through.

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