After seven years of playing abroad, Milos Jojic returns to the club where it all started for him. We spoke to 28-year midfielder upon signing:

-Rumours about me coming back were going on for the past two years but this summer, when Stanojevic took over, my phone rung and it was Iliev telling me Stanojevic wants me back. Actually, my priority was to return to Bundesliga not Partizan and I always made that clear but things turned out the way they did, says Jojic.

At the end of the day, I found move back to Partizan the most interesting option. I missed Partizan and I`m eager to play more football.

I know most of the guys here and I was in touch with lot of them, especially Miljkovic with whom I trained recently. I don`t feel like I`m arriving to a new club, I`m back home.

I`m aware quite a lot is expected from me but I`m ready and motivated to do my best. I`m ready mentally and I`ll be physically fit soon as well.



Eternal derby debut? Well, I don`t know what boss Stanojevic is planning but I didn`t have a single team training session yet. I`m doing my individual practice regularly and I`ll try to get ready for that game.

I spent two years at Istanbul Basaksehir but for some reason I didn`t play much. But, I`m pleased with my half-season spell at Wolfsberger, we parted in a fine fashion.

My aim is to get Partizan back to the right track. With my quaIity and experience of playing abroad, I hope I can help Partizan win the title and qualify for the Champions League.

When I was playing at Partizan youths, my peers and myself had no match in Serbia, we were always winning Crvena Zvezda and had success around Europe beating Real Madrid, Napoli, Juventus and others…I don`t remember losing at Partizan youths.

We are trailing 8 points already but Eternal derby game is coming up. If you win it, things change. But, there`s no guarantee we will win it just because I`m back here but we`ll do our best to get the most of our team for it.

I general, I believe Partizan is a good side. Team form is oscillating but that`s all part of the package.

Over the last few months, I played in diamond formation for the first time in my career. It was demanding as it involved lots of pace. I played many formations during my career and with players we signed now we can opt for more than one tactical formation.

I watched Serbian Superliga but I can`t compare it to my days as I didn`t play yet. It`s hard to say if the quality of the game is better now, we`ll get to see once couple of round of football are behind me.


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