Upon returning from Cyprus and two days-off, Partizan squad resumes training on Monday ahead of Thursday`s EL Last 16 first leg against Viktoria Plzen.

Midfielder Marko Jevtovic is one of the most experienced Partizan players when it comes to European encounters.

-Couple of days off are well received as we had really tough training sessions in Cyprus. Also, your body needs to adjust to zero temperatures here after spring kind of weather in Limassol. These two days off were good to get some rest, get a lots of sleep and spend some time with family and girlfriend, says Jankovic.

Training resumes tomorrow?

– Yes and Viktoria Plzen is soon to come. Winter break and preps are finished and we have to start from starch. There are great challenges ahead of us and expectations are big too. It`s always like it in Partizan and everyone realizes that once they come here. We have to give our best in each game and all the opponents are additionally motivated when they play us. It`s not easy to have such high continuity at all times.

Tie against Viktoria Plzen is the most important European encounter of the season so far.

– They are not big European name but one serious opponent, the champions of Czech Republic. We played against firm Central European sides and we know how tough it can be. We know what to expect and we are taking this tie seriously.

Boss Djukic insists on a system where anyone has to be ready to jump in for injured or departed players.

– Everyone is replaceable in football game. It can sound cruel, but you are here today, gone tomorrow. Therefore, gaffer needs to have two teams of players ready to jump in at any moment and do the job. We have enough quality players and our coaching team need not to worry.

What about domestic championship?

– Our thoughts are turned to European games now and that what matters at the moment. This team made incredible success in 2017 when we were written off but we managed to win the double and now we are in the Last 16 of Europa League. We`ll battle `till the very end, we are defending champions after all.

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