Good performance, fighting spirit, bravery against big opponent….Unfortunately, it`s final score that everyone will remember at the end of the day. Partizan was unlucky to get more out of this game but our boys proved they can match great European opposition although it seems lack of Euro experience took its toll.

Twelve hours after Olympiakos game we speak to Partizan midfielder Marko Jankovic:

  • It`s a shame we didn`t achieve better result. At some point, we were better than Olympiacos, we pressured them, but they showed their quality and stood their ground.

Partizan had number of opportunities but it was Olympiacos that scored three goals.

  • You must convert your opportunities as you don`t get much of them against such opposition. They were firm at the back and scored three goals from counters. Third one was especially bad on us and it made it so much worse for us ahead of reverse leg. Now we have to look at our mistakes and learn our lessons. Every detail means a lot – experience, focus, fitness…Otherwise, opponent will punish you as soon as they get a little bit of space.

Is Partizan capable of another good performance  once  in Pireaus?

  • We`ll got there to try and achieve positive result. We don`t think it`s over but it`s going to be extremely tough there in front of their fans. But, if we fail to go through, that game will be additional test for us ahead of more Euro challenges.

There`ll be no Partizan fans to support you there.

  • It`s going to be hell out there. Olympiacos is playing first home game of the season and I expect packed stands. Their fans are close to the ground and it will be so noisy but we cannot let such atmosphere or pressure get ahead of us. There shouldn`t be any fear. Greek fans are fanatical and we also have this issue with Crvena Zvezda and PAOK but we should go there to show we know our football game and try to match one of the great European sides.

Back to domestic matters over the weekend.

  • Now we have to calm down and enter SSL round 2. We`ll rest today and regroup tomorrow. It`s a new day and a time for more wins.

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