Partizan failed to win three points from SSL postponed round 6 fixture but midfielder Everton Luiz was there deep in injury time to salvage a point for our team at least.

He spoke to Partizan website after the game:

– Feelings are mixed. Of course, I`m happy that I scored but sad that we failed to win three points to keep our winning streak. It was a hard game for us and we can`t explain what really happened ourselves. We simply didn`t play according to our game plan. But, I`m sure this was just a moment of weakness and something we will fix straight away.

Congested calendar and fatigue took its toll?

– When you play for Partizan fatigue must not be felt on the pitch but these things happen. We are humans but professionals also and we have to pick up, recover and keep it going. You don`t count your moments of weaknesses, everybody has it from time to time, we count how many times you get up and start winning again.

Recently, you scored a long range screamer, but it was just a training session goal.

– True. Everybody liked it as no one expected it. We practiced at artificial grass pitch ahead of Switzerland away and there you go…It` not important who scores. We need goals to keep coming and Partizan to keep winning, to play attacking football and threatens the opposition all the time. Unfortunately, we failed tonight but we have to move forward.

Keeper Stojkovic contributed to Partizan equalizer.

– Stojke is an excellent keeper and you can expect such things from him although it was out of ordinary. But, that` him, he is ready to die for the team and ready to risk anything for this side to win.

When you scored, your celebration included mention of your upcoming baby?

– Everybody knows family is very important to me and my wife is my biggest support. She is pregnant and this goal is for my family and Partizan fans.

Another league game next weekend followed by EL midweek game against Dynamo Kyiv.

– We`ll rest, see where we made mistakes and move on. This is Partizan, we are always at full speed.

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