Number of Partizan youths joined club`s winter training camp in Belek, including Janko Jevremovic and Mateja Stjepanovic.

Introduce yourself

Stjepanovic: I play for Partizan youths and now I joined seniors for a Belek training camp.

Jevremovic: I`m 18 years old originally from Trstenik, playing on a right-wing position.

How did you fall in love with a football game?

Stjepanovic: Since I was a very little boy and I started training as a 5-year old.

Jevremovic: Very early playing in the neighborhood. I started training in 2012 at 8 years of age and I moved to Partizan early in 2019.

Your football icons?

Stjepanovic: Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba.

Jevremovic: Lionel Messi.

First football steps?

Stjepanovic: I started at Trijumf Sremcica football school as a 5-year old and I was invited to Partizan by youth coach Zvonko Popovic when I was eight.

Jevremovic: I started in my home town of Trstenik and I had a week`s worth of trial with Partizan in winter 2018 to officially sign with a club in February 2019.

Attended international youth tournaments and trophies won?

Stjepanovic: We were in Russia, Sweden, Abu Dhabi, Slovenia and Bulgaria. I was voted the best defender on tournament in Russia.

Jevremovic. I attended not too many, – Abu Dhabi, Athens and Banjaluka – but we didn`t win a trophy. Those were nice experiences anyway.

Your favourite coach?

Stjepanovic: Each coach helped me in their own right and I learned a lot from all of them. I would single out Zvonko Popovic who coached me for five years.

Jevremovic: Zoran Tesovic did the most for me along with Nikola Jovanic. They helped me mature over the first six months with Partizan.

Joining the first team?

Stjepanovic: I learned about in during training session ahead of the away game in Sremska Mitrovica. Boss Petric told me I`ll be joining senior mid-season Turkey training camp. I told my parents about it, than my brother, grandmother and girlfriend.

Jevremovic: I informed my parents and friends about it. It was on a meeting ahead of a cup game when boss Petric told me I`ll be joining winter preps.

Gordan Petric?

Stjepanovic: He is very strict but he knows how to deals with youngsters. We learn a lot from him and he`s always there to help us.

Jevremovic: He`s good with us, helps us a lot. He constantly tells us to relax, how this is not as tough as it looks.

Youth and senior preps compared?

Stjepanovic: Belgrade part of the senior preps were more about physicality, now we work with the ball more. Compared to youth football, there`s more pace with seniors and you have less time to think during play.

Jevremovic: It was mainly about runs in Belgrade while in Turkey we`ll play lots of friendlies. Training sessions with seniors are interesting. It`s lot more pace with seniors and players are more fit and physical compared to youths.

Your best mates?

Stjepanovic: I`m mostly with my roommate Jevremovic and other younger players. We talk with senior players too and they are always there to help us.

Jevremovic: Stjepanovic is the one I spend most time with and other youths as well.

Your virtues?

Stjepanovic: Fighting spirit, hard worker on the pitch…Team is always ahead of my personal achievement. I have leader`s qualities too.

Jevremovic: Let`s say it`s pace and left-footed skills.

Your desires with Partizan?

Stjepanovic: To make an official senior debut as soon as possible and to score a goal for a win against Crvena Zvezda in a last minute of the game, if possible.

Jevremovic: My desire is to make a debut as soon as possible and to score my first goal for the club.

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