18-year-old Bojan Balaz is yet another Partizan youth who joined Partizan squad for a winter pre-season.

Early career

– I started training as a 6-year-old in Proleter Zrenjanin, says Balaz.

I worked with number of coaches who taught me important things on and off the pitch – Dragan Jovic, Amir Teljigovic, Danilo Bjelica and Predrag Jovanov. We are still in touch and I would like to thank them all. They all know me from my early days and I`m glad that I can still get useful advice from them related to my career and game.

Arriving to Partizan

– After some time, I was doing really well in Proleter. I stood out with my determination, work and effort and I received Vojvodina team and Serbian national team call-ups. I was regular in those teams and Partizan`s Sladjan Scepovic and late Dusan Trbojevic spotted me there and soon I received an invitation to join Partizan. I was over the moon and had no doubts about making a move but parents told me I have to finish my primary school before moving to Belgrade. I finished primary school and I officially moved to Partizan in Summer 2015 to be coached by Scepovic. In my first season we won the championship and numerous tournaments. We were unstoppable. Scepovic taught me a lot of things about football and life. He told us – “It`s important you become good people and to play football when you leave my team”. I`m truly grateful to Scepovic and me being part of senior team is down to him mainly.

Senior team call-up

– This is my fourth year with Partizan and I`m pleased with my performances and aware this is just the beginning. On 8th of January, I was told that I`ll be joining senior squad pre-season and I was overwhelmed. All this hard work and efforts over the years paid off. Of course, now I have to work even more to remain part of the team.

Traning sessions and teammates

– Practice is way more serious compared to youth days. I adapted after few sessions and now I found it much easier. Mood within the team is good, there are jokes and laughs but training sessions are so serious. There are many experienced players around and I can learn many things to improve my game. My desire now is to make a senior team debut and I hope that will happen soon.

Football idols

– It has to be Thiago Silva. From Partizan, it`s Nemanja R MIletic as we play same position and I truly like his playing style. He`s a great lad as well.

Turning 18

– On Saturday, I celebrated my 18th birthday back home in Zrenjanin and it was great! We had great time, including some of my teammates who came from Belgrade to make that evening even more special. Coach Scepovic was also there. I`d like to thank them all for coming down. All my birthday wished were related to Partizan, club I support all my life. First of all, I would like to fully join senior squad and make my debut. That`s my dream. I would also like to win the double with the club.

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