As nine Partizan players are away on international duty, four Partizan youths joined senior team training sessions – Slobodan Stanojlovic, Stefan Radmanovac, Lazar Pavlovic and Aleksa Jankovic.

Slobodan Stanojlovic (18), left-wing:

Slobodan Stanojlovic (18), left-wing:

-I was born in December 2001 in Bijeljina and I`m training with Partizan youths for 8 years now. My coach is Drazen Bolic. I couldn`t believe and I was so happy when I was called to train with senior team this week. It a great honour for every player, especially to share training pitch, dressing room and meals with Partizan living legend Sasa Ilic. I play at left-wing position but I can also play as a right-wing or centre-forward.

It`s needless to say what I would like to achieve at Partizan. My greatest dream is to make senior team debut and to win trophies with them as I do with youths. I already won some youth championships with Partizan as well as number of youth tournaments in Italy, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

I know Svetozar Markovic for more than 10 years as we trained at Radnik Bijeljina together. We won lots of tournaments back there as well and I`m glad to be able to share the dressing room with him again. For a long time now, Bijeljina is well-known for talented football players and I`m sure there`ll be more coming up.

Stefan Radmanovac (18), right-back:

-I was asking for their autographs the other day and now I`m sharing dressing room with Partizan players, how can I feel? Under coach Scepovic, we won quite a few foreign youth tournaments and one domestic title and now under coach Bolic I dream of first team debut and more trophies. Besides Sasa Ilic and Ronaldo, my favourite players are Dani Alves and NR Miletic.

Considering Miletic is right-back too, I have to say I like how good he is with his teammates while Dani Alves is one of the best right-backs in the world. I watch his highlights often to make use of some of his moves.

WE have great support from senior team players and coaches. It means a lot to us that our peer Filip Stevanovic is already there and his told us to just relax and play the game. There`s no bigger honour then to be sitting on the same table and sharing a meal with Sasa Ilic and others.

Lazar Pavlovic (18), central-midfield

-I`m honoured to train with seniors and to met my football icon Sasa Ilic. Outside Partizan, I like Lionel Messi but Sasa Ilic`s love for the club and determination is something we look up to. I`m in Partizan since 2011 and I hope some of my wishes will come true – to make a first team debut, win the title, play Champions League and score a goal in Eternal derby game.

Until thre or for years ago I was traveling from Obrenovac to train, actually from a village Zvecka outside the town. It was bit of  aproblem for me. As I was getting older and trained harder, it was tough to train and go to school at the same time. Therefore, my family decided to move to Belgrade and I`m also going to Belgrade school now, only part-time though, due to Partizan duties. I have some great friends among Partizan youths and we meet each other outside training sessions. I was over the moon when I joined seniors and I still can`t believe I`m sharing the dressing room with Sasa Ili, Milan Smiljanic and others. Ilic greeted me great and helps me to adapt senior team training sessions.

Aleksa Jankovic (18):

-I`ve been here since 2012 and my first coach was Zarko Lazetic while now I train under guidance of Drazen Bolic. This is not the first time I`m training with senior team, I already joined them once during international break when Zoran Mirkovic was team coach. I already know all the players and they always greet you well. I receive lot of advice from Sasa Ilic and Tosic and they are my favourite players along with Neymar. It` my dream to make official Partizan league debut as I already played a festive friendly in Sivac. I would also like to score in Eternal derby game and to play Champions League with Partizan. I`m born in Pozarevac but I moved to Belgrade and I go to schoo part-time due to lots of duties in Partizan. But, I do what I like the most, so everything is alright and I`m so delighted now.

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