20-year old centre-back Svetozar Markovic and 26-year winger-forward Filip Holender joined their respective national teams straight upon signing for Partizan.

We caught up with both of them during international break.

Svetozar Markovic:

-Everyone knows my great desire was to return to Partizan. Negotiations were far from easy and lasted over 45 days. As Olympiacos player, I was loaned to Larissa and I had to terminate my loan contract with them to start with and I managed that three days before transfer window deadline.

-People from Olympiacos believe there are no enough quality games here for me to advance but since I didn`t want to go anywhere else on loan but Partizan things turned out well at the end. I`m over the moon to be back at my home club.

-I watched Partizan all the time while away, this is my home wherever I am. If I`m not here as a player, I`m a die-hard fan!

-I think I developed during my year-and-a-half time spent in Greece, although I didn`t play much over the first seven months. But, I was regular at Larissa from January all the way to the end of the season and that means a lot to me.

-I met boss Stanojevic when I was in Belgrade to sign the contract. I know what he expects from me but we`ll talk more when I join the team and start training.

-I didn`t play for the last three months, I also had a small injury but that`s behind me know and I`m ready to play. I believe I will adapt to the team`s demands soon as there are lots of players here I know from my first Partizan spell.

There`s not much to tell about upcoming Eternal derby. Every player dreams of it and I cannot wait for this game to start.


Filip Holender:

-Things happened three or four days before my arrival to Belgrade. My agent contacted me saying Partizan showed interest in me but I honestly didn`t see it as an option as it was just couple of days before transfer window deadline and I was also looking forward to international break and national team duties. But soon after, it all looked more serious. I was told they are waiting for me in Belgrade to come and sign the contract. It all happened fast to the mutual pleasure and I have a great desire to join my new teammates.

-I watched Partizan play, mostly European games not as much domestic ones, as I was busy with my football duties. I don`t know anyone from the team personally but I`m sure I`ll adapt in good and quick fashion.

-I met boss Stanojevic when I signed the deal. We talked about variety of things but if you ask me about my playing position, I can play as winger or attacker. It all depends on where boss wants me to be at given times.

As for the Eternal derby, it would mean to us if we could reduce the point margin.


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