As a Partizan goalkeeper, Goran Pandurovic won four league titles, as assistant coach he was witness to six consecutive championship trophies won by the club. Now, after 15 years spent at Partizan, this 58-year old is ready for the new task.

Former Yugoslav international was named FK Partizan board member two days ago and it`s expected to contribute club`s success with fresh ideas, trademark energy and authority gained throughout the years.

“I don`t to underline that Partizan is my home club. I spent 15 years at Humska Rd as a player and coach, won ten trophies in total and I`m always here to help as much as I can. I was called-up by General Director Milos Vazura who told me about plans and ideas regarding club`s development. I gave it a good thought and I decided to take up the challenge. Above all, I`m glad someone thinks I can help and I`ll do everything possible on my behalf to keep this club develop in a right direction”, said Pandurovic.

“Namely, my duties will be related to sporting matters but we`ll seat down again soon to define all the targets and duties we will try to achieve.

Actually, I wanted to be a coach, I was getting ready for it, worked as an assistant for a long time, but my career developed in a different way. I would still like that to happen but I`m aware it`s not so realistic now that I`m 58 years of age. It doesn`t matter, I`m ready to help in some other ways”.

Partizan didn`t win a single trophy in 2021 but previous 12 months cannot be regarded as failure, especially last 6 months. New board member believes upcoming period will be one of success.

“We achieved streak of wins, qualified for the next round of UEFA Conference League and we are top of Serbian league with 5 points gap over the second-placed. This is a great boost for all of us at the club and we have a duty to be even more successful, all of us here need to put a lot of effort to achieve more success. We are talking about results because that`s all that matters, at the end of the day. But, we must not neglect many other aspects necessary for successful functioning of one sports collective”, said Pandurovic.

Aleksandar Stanojevic`s charges restarted training after winter break and on Sunday squad will depart for Turkey for a second part of half-season preps.

“Second part of the season is quite long, lots of games to play, but it`s clear that February is the month that will determine our season. We have Sparta Prague in Conference League followed by a derby against Crvena Zvezda. If we achieve positive score in those matches everything will be so much easier. When I say positive score, I think of going through to the last 16 of Conference League and not losing to our bitter rivals to say the least. It will be a great pressure on Stanojevic and his charges while we at the club will try to secure them all the necessary working conditions so they can get ready for it all in tranquil manner”.

Partizan enters 2022 with great and realistic ambitions. Goran Pandurovic has a great experience and knows how crucial support from the stands can be.

“Finally, I would like to wish happy and successful 2022 to all Partizan fans, to have a better year compared to the last one, to have a good health and to keep supporting these lads, they do deserve it”, said Pandurovic.

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