Partizan played a friendly against Teleoptik on Monday with inclusion of two youth prospects – Vanja Vlahovic and Mihajlo Petkovic.

Two youngsters were part of senior team Turkey winter preps and moved back to Partizan youths upon return but they occasionally train with the first team and got the opportunity to play Monday friendly, crowning it with a goal each in a 2-0 Partizan win.

“Upon return from Turkey we had two days off and then we were back to our youth team duties and high intensity training as youths had a long winter break” – said Mihajlo Petkovic.

“My feelings were mixed upon return to Belgrade after winter preps. I was sad that preps were over but happy to be back home to my family and friends from Partizan youths. I wondered how I blended in with the seniors and did was everything alright. My return to youths was great, everyone congratulated me on winter preps with first team”.

“During preps, boss Stanojevic hinted we will be invited to seniors once a week for a friendly or a training session. It`s a new experience every time and I`m always looking forward to it”.

“We scored a goal each on Monday and we are both thrilled about it. I scored the opener. In general, we are both pleased with this game and our performance, especially as we won”.

Vanja Vlahovic was also pleased with his performance and opportunity to be part of the first team.

“When we returned from Turkey I had two days rest at home after which we joined youths and trained with them. Session were strenuous as youths start their season on 6th of March, therefore we are undergoing another tough pre-season but we are doing it with great pleasure. As for Monday`s game, I`m quite pleased with it, over the moon for getting onto the scoresheet and assist I made” – said Vlahovic.

How do you feel after winter camp with seniors?

“Happy, joyful…It`s a dream come true. Lots of nice feelings are there as I live and breathe for Partizan”

“My family asked me about everything regarding my time with senior team and they were able to watch parts of it on Partizan YouTube channel, so they were quite informed”

“On one hand, I felt sad to finish preps with the first team but on the other hand I was happy to return to Partizan youths as I missed my mates and coach Brnovic. Unfortunately, coach Brnovic is not with us now as he had to return to Montenegro for health reasons. During preps with seniors, I learn to appreciate the hard work, order and discipline more but I was thrilled to be part of it. Every time I join seniors is a reward and recognition for my youth performances”.

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