Djordje Jovanovic is one of those Partizan youngsters who already made significant number of first team appearances.  We had a chat with this 19-year-old forward who remembered his early career days and more.

Pre-season preps just started and it`s hard work as usual. We have two sessions a day most of the time and the emphasis are on getting the team ready for the upcoming challenges. As most of the players from the last season are still around, we all know what boss wants from us so it makes it all easier for us. In bosses words – “just dig deep”, says Jovanovic.

Number of Partizan academy graduates joined senior team preps. Do you remember your early days?

– Of course I do. I started training back home as a six-year-old in FK Kosmet Leposavic and my coach was Nebojsa Nincic. My talent was spotted by late Partizan coach and scout Dusan Trbojevic at Guca tournament and it`s down to him I`m here today. Over the first two years, I would only come to Belgrade on weekends to play games and I moved to Belgrade as a seventh-grader. My first Partizan coach was Dragan Kecman who taught me most of the things I know today and I`m free to say he did miracles for me. Dzevad Prekazi also coached me and helped my individual and overall skills. As a reward, I was moved to senior team and I was the happiest person alive at the time.

Did you have role models?

– I can`t say I did, but I like Ronaldo`s style and out of Serbian players I kind of look up to Mitrovic. Talking about my game and qualities, I`m aware that I`m still young and I need to grow as a player. There`s lots of work ahead of me and I need improve my left foot and some other stuff as well.

What are your plans?

– As for Partizan, I expect double next season as we are top side around. I also hope we can reach Europa League group stage.

World Cup just kicked-off.

– It`s a treat for every football player. Our national team is a great side and I hope and believe they can go as far as possible.

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